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Lures - swimbait

On this page, here tackle with tag "swimbait". You can browse sub-types:

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Jackall, Illex, Sensas Mikey
star 4/5
Jackall, Illex, Sensas
Mikey (hardbait, swimbait)
[Mikey 115] [Mikey 140] [Mikey 160]
Lunker City Shaker
star 4/5
Lunker City
Shaker (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[3.25"] [3.75"] [4.5"] [6"] [7"] plus...
Berkley, Pure Fishing Pulse Shad
star 4/5
Berkley, Pure Fishing
Pulse Shad (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[6cm] [8cm] [11cm] [14cm] [18cm]
Delalande Shad GT
star 4/5
Shad GT (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[9cm 6.25gr] [11cm 11gr] [13cm 19gr] [15cm 29gr] [18cm 50gr] plus...
Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport Alien Eel
star 4/5
Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport
Alien Eel (swimbait, virgule)
[Alien Eel V2] [Alien Eel V2] [20cm 56gr] [30cm 124gr] [Shallow Runner] plus...
Lucky Craft LL Pointer | Pointer Jointed
star 4/5
Lucky Craft
LL Pointer | Pointer Jointed (hardbait, lipless, jerkbait, swimbait)
[Jointed Pointer 120 S] [LL Pointer 130 S | Pointer 130 S] [LL Pointer 170 S | Pointer Jointed 170 S] [Pointer Jointed 170 S (Super Sinking)] [LL Pointer 180 S] plus...
Deps Silent Killer
star 4/5
Silent Killer (hardbait, swimbait)
[Silent Killer Jr] [Silent Killer] [Silent Killer 250]
Daiwa Prorex Duckfin Shad | Tournament Duck Fin Shad
star 4/5
Prorex Duckfin Shad | Tournament Duck Fin Shad (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[4.5cm] [6cm 1gr] [9cm 4gr] [13cm 12gr] [20cm 50gr]
Biwaa TailGunR
star 4/5
TailGunR (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[6.5cm] [9cm] [11.5cm]
Reins Bubbling Shad
star 4/5
Bubbling Shad (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[Bubbling Shad 3"] [Bubbling Shad 4"]
Gambler EZ
star 4/5
EZ (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[TZ 3"] [Little EZ 3.75"] [EZ Swimmer 4.25"] [Big EZ 5"]
CWC, Strike Pro XBuster
star 4/5
CWC, Strike Pro
XBuster (hardbait, lipless, jerkbait, swimbait)
[XBuster (suspending)] [XBuster (slow sinking)]
Musky Innovations Bull Dawg
star 4/5
Musky Innovations
Bull Dawg (swimbait, virgule)
[Spring] [Shallo Regular] [Regular] [Shallo Magnum] [Magnum] plus...
Biwaa Seven
star 4/5
Seven (hardbait, lipless, swimbait)
[2.0 4"] [2.0 5"] [2.0 6"] [2.0 7"] [4"] plus...
Westin Mike The Pike
star 4/5
Mike The Pike (hardbait, swimbait, softbait)
[14cm 30gr] [17cm 42gr] [20cm 67gr] [22cm 80gr] [28cm 185gr]
Keitech Swing Impact Fat
star 4/5
Swing Impact Fat (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[Swing Impact Fat 2.8"] [Swing Impact Fat 3.3"] [Swing Impact Fat 3.8"] [Swing Impact Fat 4.3"] [Swing Impact Fat 4.8"] plus...
Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport 3D Trout Rattle Shad
star 4/5
Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport
3D Trout Rattle Shad (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[12.5cm 35gr] [17cm 80gr] [20.5cm 98gr] [20.5cm 120gr] [27.5cm 225gr] plus...
Fiiish Black Minnow
star 4/5
Black Minnow (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[#1 - 70] [#1 - 70] [#2 - 90] [#2 - 90] [#3 - 120] plus...
Megabait Charlie
star 4/5
Charlie (swimbait, softbait)
[8.9cm 11gr] [10cm 17gr] [12.5cm 35gr]
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