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Terminal tackle

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Best sales:

Effzett 8-Braid from DAM
Tresse Dam Effzett 8-Braid - 250M
-69% 27.90 on fr [info]
Trident VX Force from Tortue
Nylon Tortue Trident Vx Forc...1000M
-63% 24.90 on fr [info]
Impact Shock Leader from Sakura
Fluorocarbone Sakura Impact ...rmula
-56% 9.90 on fr [info]
100% Fluorocarbon from Sufix
-50% <10 on Shop .fr fr
Vanish from Berkley
Berkley Vnfs20–15 Vanish 20 250yds
-49% 9.50 on fr [info]
Football Jig Head from Daiwa
Tête plombée daiwa Football ...
-45% 3.60 on fr [info]
Stinger Tackle from Svartzonker
Svartzonker Stinger Tackle -...
-45% 4.95 on [info]
Stealth Braid from Spiderwire
Spiderwire Stealth Pink Camo... 10lb
-44% $8.99 (~7.6€) on us [info]
Worm 318 | Finesse Wide Gap from Gamakatsu
gamak Daihatsu Wacky Worm 31...
-44% 2.82 on fr [info]
Mebaru Shot JH-82 from Owner
Tete Plombee Owner Mebaru Shot Glow
-44% 4.08 on fr [info]
Fluoro Carbon Super Hard from Powerline
Nylon Fluorocarbon Hard Powe...48 kg
-43% 12.40 on fr [info]
Tête Plombée Planante from Delalande
Tete Plombee Delalande Plana... Pack
-43% 3.60 on fr [info]
Trilene Maxx from Berkley
Trilene Berkley Maxx ø 0,50 ...
-42% 12.43 on fr [info]
ST4ZS | ST8ZS from StandOut
StandOut Drop Shot Hooks (5-9 pcs)
-40% 2.95 on [info]
Trilene Sensation from Berkley
Berkley Trilene Sensation Li...
-40% 23.95 on fr [info]
Sensibraid 8X from Sakura
Tresse Carnassier Sakura 8X ... 135M
-40% 22.50 on fr [info]
Rolling Flash Jig Head from Nogales
Nogales Rolling Flash Jig Head
-39% 3.95 on [info]
Trilene Fluorocarbon from Berkley
Berkley 1391576 – Trilene 10...
-38% 9.99 on fr [info]
Dead Or Alive Premium Finesse Ma... from Nogales
Nogales Dead or Alive Finess...arbon
-38% 19.95 on [info]
J-Braid x8 from Daiwa
Daiwa J-Braid X8 tresse
-37% 16.95 on [info]

Last tackle:

VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7560 (hook)
VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7556 (hook)
VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7554 (hook)
VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7552 (hook)
VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7548 (hook)
VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7547 (hook)
VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7329DD | Drop Dead Weighted (hook)
VMC, Rapala VMC Corp 7341FL | Heavy Duty Flippin' (hook)
Cultiva, Owner Jungle Wide Gap 4108 (hook)
Cultiva, Owner Cover Shot HD 4114 (hook)
Cultiva, Owner Cover Shot 4107 (hook)
Cultiva, Owner Jungle Flipping HD 4113 (hook)
Cultiva, Owner All Purpose Softbait 5108 (hook)
Cultiva, Owner All Purpose Worm 5191 (hook)

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