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Terminal tackle

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Best sales:

ST-46 from Owner
OWNER 2 hameçons triples sol...
-83% 1.31 on fr [info]
ST4ZS | ST8ZS from StandOut
StandOut Drop Shot Hooks (5-9 pcs)
-74% 1.29 on [info]
J Hook 5140 | Okapari B-91 from Owner
Owner J-Hook | Noir | # 1 | ...
-64% 3.54 on fr [info]
Fluorocarbon Leader from Stren
STREN Fluorocast Fluorocarbo...laire
-62% 15.91 on fr [info] amazon_prime
Round Jig Head from Scratch Tackle
-59% <6 on Shop .fr fr
HyperFluoroCarbon 3 Core from Parallelium
Fluorocarbone Parallelium Hy...3Core
-58% 5.90 on fr [info]
Darting from Daiwa
Tete Plombee Daiwa Jig Head ...Par 2
-56% 3.90 on fr [info]
Polyvilon Hybrid from Parallelium
Fluorocarbone Parallelium Po...150 M
-55% 4.90 on fr [info]
EZ Mono from Spiderwire
Spiderware Ultracast EZ Mono...
-55% 17.72 on fr [info] amazon_prime
Worm 318 | Finesse Wide Gap from Gamakatsu
gamak Daihatsu Wacky Worm 31...
-53% 2.54 on fr [info]
J-Braid x8 from Daiwa
Daiwa J-Braid X8 tresse
-53% 12.56 on [info]
Neko Skirt from VMC
VMC Neko Skirt 2pk - 1/16oz ...Jelly
-53% $1.40 (~1.3€) on us [info]
Worm 23 Body Hook from Decoy
Decoy Worm 23 Body Hook for ...19708
-52% 5.69 on fr [info]
Worm 15 Dream Hook from Decoy
Decoy Worm 15 N°1
-51% 5.69 on fr [info]
Straight Jig Head from Illex
Illex Heavy Straight Jig Hea...
-50% 3.49 on [info]
Siglon V from Sunline
Sunline Siglon V Monofilament
-50% 3.95 on [info]
Twistlock Jig Rig JR-30 from Owner
Owner Jig Rig Twist Lock 5199 (2pcs)
-50% 3.95 on [info]
Exceler from Daiwa
Daiwa Exceler Nylon Monofilament
-50% 12.56 on [info]
Nitro Sprat Head from Illex
-50% <3 on Shop .fr fr
Kudako from Shout
-50% <20 on Shop .fr fr

Last tackle:

Berkley, Pure Fishing Fusion19 Bismuth Ned Head (jig head)
Berkley, Pure Fishing Fusion19 Bottom Weight (plomb)
Berkley, Pure Fishing Fusion19 Screw-In Head (jig head)
Dirty Jigs Tactical Bassin' Mini Underspin (jig head, underspin)
Gamakatsu Superline Swim Bait Head (jig head)
Gamakatsu Under Spin Head Mini (jig head, underspin)
Gamakatsu Under Spin Head (jig head, underspin)
Decoy, Katsuichi SV-70 Rocket Magic (jig head)
Decoy, Katsuichi SV-61 Salt Special (jig head)
Decoy, Katsuichi SV-57 Rock Bomb (jig head)
Decoy, Katsuichi VJ-78 Switch Bomb (jig head)
Decoy, Katsuichi VJ-75 Plus Guard (jig head)
Decoy, Katsuichi VJ-73 EGG Two-One (jig head)
Decoy, Katsuichi VJ-31B Violence Ball (jig head)
Elitelure Ned Jig Head (jig head)
Decoy, Katsuichi Single 27 Pluggin' Single (hook)
Fiiish Mud Digger (jig head)
Shout, Sasame Kudako (hook)
Sasame F-401 Light Circle TW (hook)

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