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Best sales:

Cannibal Shad from Savage Gear
Savage Gear Cannibal Shad Ap...
-75% 1.78 on fr [info]
Skapning from Volkiën Soul
Volkien Skapning 75
-73% 1.59 on [info]
Sandeel Surf Walker from Savage Gear
Cuiller A Jigger Savage Gear...- 17G
-69% 3.90 on fr [info]
Cray Fish from Mikado
Mikado Cray Fish 10cm (2pcs)
-67% 1.95 on [info]
Blade Spinnerbait from Booyah
Spinnerbait Booyah Vibra-Flx - 10G
-66% 19.50 on fr [info]
Super Shad from Booyah
Spinnerbait Booyah Super Shad
-65% 16.50 on fr [info]
4D Line Thru Perch from Savage Gear
Leurre Souple Arme Savage Ge... 23Cm
-65% 9.90 on fr [info]
4D Line Thru Perch Shad from Savage Gear
Leurre Souple Arme Savage Ge... 20Cm
-64% 7.90 on fr [info]
Ultra UV Crayfish from Fox Rage, Fox
Fox Rage Creature Ultra UV Crayfish
-64% 2.49 on [info]
Pond Magic Buzz from Booyah
Buzzbait Booyah Pond Magic B... 3.5G
-62% 12.50 on fr [info]
Buzz from Booyah
Buzzbait Booyah Buzz 10G
-62% 12.95 on fr [info]
Platinum Series from Castaic
Castaic Platinum Series
-61% 6.99 on [info]
SC Bug from Molix
Molix SC Bug 4'' - 5 pièces
-61% 3.49 on [info]
King from Delalande
Leurre Souple Delalande King 1,5Cm
-60% 1.09 on fr [info]
Virago from Molix
-60% <7 on Shop .fr fr
Effzett Kick-S Minnow Weedless P... from DAM
Leurre Souple Arme Effzett E... -...
-58% 5.90 on fr [info]
Talion Evo Blade from Volkiën Soul
Leurre Souple Volkien Talion... 15Cm
-58% 5.90 on fr [info]
3D River Roach from Savage Gear
Leurre Souple Savage Gear 3D... 18Cm
-57% 6.90 on fr [info]
V-Flat Power Bomb from Megabass
Spinnerbait Megabass V Flat ...- 12G
-55% 11.00 on fr [info]
3D Bat from Savage Gear
Leurre De Surface Savage Gea...2.5Cm
-55% 9.90 on fr [info]

Last tackle:

Jackall Bling (spinning rod)
Gary Yamamoto Yama Craw (craw)
Gunki, Pezon & Michel, Sensas Jiger (in-line spinner / spoon, bladebait)
Gunki, Pezon & Michel, Sensas Slattern (crankbait)
Gunki, Pezon & Michel, Sensas Shore Shaver (stickbait)
Gunki, Pezon & Michel, Sensas Megalon X-Cast (stickbait)
Gunki, Pezon & Michel, Sensas Scunner (hardbait, swimbait)
Deps Bullslender (softbait)
Deps Bullslide (creature)
Megabass Dog X Diamante (stickbait)
Megabass Karashi (stickbait)
Megabass Garuda (hardbait, swimbait)
Keitech Paddlin’ Beaver (softbait)
Keitech Flex Chunk (softbait)

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