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Musky Innovations Bull Dawg

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Manufacturer's infos:
The Bull Dawg is a 100% soft plastic lure. It is balanced with a jig head so it swims down at a 45º angle on the fall and swims horizontal on the retrieve. The Bull Dawg can be used as a crankbait, jerkbait or a jig. It is one of the most versatile lures on the market today. When retrieved, it rocks back and forth as the curly tail waves frantically, a combination that drives large gamefish crazy. The Bull Dawg literally comes alive in the water and feels so real that fish grab it and won't let go.
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namelengthweightdensityyear country
Spring6"1 1/2ozsinkingus
Shallo Regular9"2ozsinkingus
Shallo Magnum12"4ozsinkingus
Super Magnum1' 3"15.9ozsinkingus
Best prices for Musky Innovations Bull Dawg:
Musky Innovations Spring Bul...15 cm
28.50€ 28.50 date: 12/7
Musky Innovations standard B...Mixte
37.20€ 37.20 date: 12/7
Musky innovations standard b...
37.20€ 37.20 date: 12/7
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