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Lures - propbait

On this page, here tackle with tag "propbait".
You can browse parent-types: hardbait.

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Deps Buzzjet
star 4/5
Buzzjet (hardbait, propbait)
[Buzzjet Jr] [Buzzjet]
Heddon, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing Torpedo
star 4/5
Heddon, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing
Torpedo (propbait)
[Teeny Torpedo] [Tiny Torpedo] [Baby Torpedo] [Magnum Torpedo]
River2Sea Whopper Plopper
star 4/5
Whopper Plopper (hardbait, propbait)
[60 Fat Body] [75 Fat Body] [90] [110S] [130] plus...
Jackall, Illex, Sensas Pompadour
star 3/5
Jackall, Illex, Sensas
Pompadour (propbait, crawler)
[Pompadour Micro] [Pompadour Jr] [Pompadour] [Mega Pompadour]
Tiemco Stealth Pepper
star 3/5
Stealth Pepper (hardbait, propbait)
[55S] [Natural 55S] [70F] [70S] [Natural 70S] plus...
Imakatsu Lot BT
star 3/5
Lot BT (propbait, crawler)
[Lot BT100] [Lot BT122 Twist]
Jackall, Illex, Sensas I Prop
star 3/5
Jackall, Illex, Sensas
I Prop (hardbait, propbait)
[I Prop 75 S]
Duo Realis Spin Bait
star 4/5
Realis Spin Bait (hardbait, propbait)
[60] [80 Shallow] [80] [80 G-Fix] [90]
Bagley Bang-o-lure
star 2/5
Bang-o-lure (propbait)
[P4] [P5] [SP4] [SP5]
Heddon, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing Zara Spook
star 3/5
Heddon, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing
Zara Spook (stickbait, propbait)
[Zara Pooch] [Zara Puppy] [Zara Spook] [Wounded Zara Spook]
Deps Propjig
star 0/5
Propjig (propbait, jig)
[Shallow Tracer] [Mid Tracer] [Deep Tracer] [Tiny Prop 3/8] [Tiny Prop 1/2]
Think Tank Triggerfish
star 0/5
Think Tank
Triggerfish (hardbait, propbait)
[11cm 18gr]
Lucky Craft B'Straight | Screw Pointer
star 0/5
Lucky Craft
B'Straight | Screw Pointer (hardbait, propbait)
[48F] [48S] [65] [78] [95]
Gan Craft Screw Bait
star 0/5
Gan Craft
Screw Bait (hardbait, propbait)
[110SS] [110NS] [110FS] [130SS] [130NS] plus...
Duo Perakko
star 0/5
Perakko (hardbait, propbait)
[4.8cm 4.6gr]
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