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Shimano Scorpion DC 2021

Shimano, Shimano Inc Scorpion DC (2021)
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Manufacturer's infos:
A free style DC reel using spools with low inertia. A "free style" reel made for versatility. Casting long distances? The MGL Spool upgrade has got you covered. Deeper spools mean greater line capacity for various adjustments depending on what you are fishing for. The Micromodule Gear surpresses noise while providing impressionable cranking power. The I-DC5 brake system provides minute changes in brake power which can be adjusted swiftly and tirelessly. The 3 different gear ratios from normal to extra high gears allow for fishing anywhere from bass species to rock fishing!
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nameratio / crankweightbearingscapacitybrakeyear country
6.2:1 25"/pc7.6oz7+116lb/100m5.5kg2021 jp
7.4:1 31"/pc7.6oz7+116lb/100m5.5kg2021 jp
8.5:1 35"/pc7.9oz7+116lb/100m5.5kg2021 jp
This item is contained into a serie:
Shimano, Shimano Inc Scorpion (Serie) (casting reel)
Best price for Shimano, Shimano Inc Scorpion DC (2021): 293.00€ / 7 offer(s)
Shimano 22 SLX DC XT Scorpio...70HG)
411.45€ 293 -29% date: 6/24
Shimano 22 SLX DC XT Scorpio... (71)
332.90€ 328.25 -1% date: 6/25
Shimano 22 SLX DC XT Scorpio...71XG)
404.94€ 343 -15% date: 6/25
Shimano 21 Scorpion DC 150 R...ight)
350€ 353 +1% date: 6/24
Shimano 21 Scorpion DC 151 Left
400.06€ 354 -12% date: 6/24
Shimano 21 Scorpion DC 150HG Right
385.62€ 362 -6% date: 6/24
Shimano 21 Scorpion DC 150XG Right
362€ 375 +4% date: 6/24

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