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Shimano Scorpion (Serie)

Modèle Japon, comparable au modèle US & France Curado.
reference: 1 at the end for left hand.
Shimano, Shimano Inc Scorpion (Serie)
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nameratio / crankweightbearingscapacitybrake∅ spoolyear country
Scorpion - lien materiel
1000 / 1001 (discontinued)6.2:1 22"/pc8.1oz8lb/100mManivelle 70mm.1999 jp
Scorpion Mg - lien materiel
1000 MG / 1001 MG (discontinued)6.2:1 22"/pc6.3oz8lb/100mManivelle 70mm.2000 jp
Scorpion XT - lien materiel
XT 1000 (discontinued)6.4:1 25"/pc6.7oz6+112lb/100m4.5kg2010 jp
XT 1500 / 1501 (discontinued)6.3:1 26"/pc7.4oz6+116lb/120m4.5kg2009 jp
XT 1500-7 / 1501-7 (discontinued)7.0:1 29"/pc7.4oz6+116lb/120m4.5kg2009 jp
Scorpion DC - lien materiel
DC (discontinued)6.3:1 26"/pc7.2oz6+116lb/100m4.5kg34mmmanivelle 42mm2011 jp
DC7 (discontinued)7.0:1 29"/pc7.2oz6+116lb/100m4.5kg34mmmanivelle 42mm2011 jp
Scorpion - lien materiel
200 / 201 (discontinued)6.3:1 26"/pc7.4oz7+10.37/100m5.5kg34mmmanivelle 42mm2014 jp
200HG / 201HG (discontinued)7.2:1 30"/pc7.4oz7+10.37/100m5.5kg34mmmanivelle 42mm2014 jp
Scorpion (2016) - lien materiel
70 RIGHT / 71 LEFT (discontinued)6.3:1 24"/pc6.7oz7+112lb/100m4.5kg32mmmanivelle 42mm2016 jp
70HG RIGHT / 71HG LEFT (discontinued)7.2:1 28"/pc6.7oz7+112lb/100m4.5kg32mmmanivelle 42mm2016 jp
70XG RIGHT / 71XG LEFT (discontinued)8.2:1 32"/pc6.7oz7+112lb/100m4.5kg32mmmanivelle 42mm2016 jp, 2017 eu
Scorpion DC - lien materiel
100 / 101 (discontinued)6.3:1 26"/pc7.6oz7+114lb/100m5.5kg34mmmanivelle 42mm2017 jp
100 HG / 101 HG (discontinued)7.1:1 30"/pc7.6oz7+114lb/100m5.5kg34mmmanivelle 42mm2017 jp
Scorpion BFS - lien materiel
Right / Left6.3:1 24"/pc5.8oz7+18lb/45m3.5kg32mmmanivelle 42mm2017 jp
XG Right / XG Left8.2:1 32"/pc5.8oz7+18lb/45m3.5kg32mmmanivelle 42mm2017 jp
Scorpion DC (2021) - lien materiel
6.2:1 25"/pc7.6oz7+116lb/100m5.5kg2021 jp
7.4:1 31"/pc7.6oz7+116lb/100m5.5kg2021 jp
8.5:1 35"/pc7.9oz7+116lb/100m5.5kg2021 jp
Scorpion MGL (2019) - lien materiel
150 / 1516.2:1 25"/pc7.4oz7+116lb/100m2019 jp
150HG / 151HG7.4:1 31"/pc7.4oz7+116lb/100m2019 jp
150XG / 151XG8.5:1 35"/pc7.6oz7+116lb/100m2019 jp
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