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Daiwa Steez XT

Blank carbone SVF.
Fuji guides Alconite Titanium.
handle EVA.
Daiwa Steez XT
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Manufacturer's infos:
Daiwa’s top of the line Steez series of bass rods has been modified to have some of the same great features that has made the Steez series so popular but at more affordable prices. Steez XT incorporates Daiwa’s exclusive “SVF Graphite®” blanks which has more fibers and less resin also X45® Bias construction provides for more strength and reduces blank twist. Now with Daiwa’s exclusive reel seat with a Matte finish and EVA fore screw nut.
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Steez XT Spinning - lien materiel
STZXT701MLFS (discontinued)7' 12"3.9ozfast191/32-1/4oz3-10lbSpinning ML2016 us, 2016 fr
STZXT701MLXS (discontinued)7' 12"4.1ozex-fast191/32-1/4oz3-10lbSpinning ML2016 us, 2016 fr
STZXT701MFS (discontinued)7' 12"4.2ozfast191/16-3/8oz4-12lbSpinning M2016 us, 2016 fr
STZXT701MHFS (discontinued)7' 12"4.4ozfast191/8-3/4oz6-14lbSpinning MH2016 us, 2016 fr
Steez XT Casting - lien materiel
STZXT661MFB (discontinued)6' 6"3.7ozfast191/4-3/4oz2016 fr
STZXT701MRB (discontinued)7' 12"4.4ozregular191/8-1oz8-20lbTrigger Grip Casting M2016 us, 2016 fr
STZXT701MHFB (discontinued)7' 12"4.9ozfast191/4-1oz12-20lbTrigger Grip Casting MH2016 us, 2016 fr
STZXT711HFB (discontinued)7' 1"4.2ozfast191/4-1 1/2oz16-30lbTrigger Grip Casting H2016 us, 2016 fr
STZXT721MHRB (discontinued)7' 2"regular191/4-1 3/8oz12-25lbTrigger Grip Casting MH2016 us
STZXT741XHFB (discontinued)7' 4"5.5ozfast191/2-2ozbraid 55-80lbFrogging XH2016 us, 2016 fr
STZXT801MHRB (discontinued)8' regular191/4-1 1/2oz12-25lbCranking MH2016 us
STZXT801MHFB (discontinued)8' fast11115-30lbSwimbait 5"-10" MH2016 us
STZXT801HFB (discontinued)8' fast191/4-1 1/2oz16-30lbFlipping and Pitching H2016 us
STZXT801HXB (discontinued)8' ex-fast191/2-1 1/2ozbraid 30-55lbFlipping and Pitching H2016 us
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