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G Loomis GLX Bass

Carbone 65 millions de modules.
handle cork.
Gamme 2012: Fuji guides SiC Titanium.
. taille en pouces
. puissance (1 ~ L/ML, 2 ~ ML/M, 3 ~ MH, 4 ~ H, etc...)
. C=casting, S=spinning
. JWP = Jig And Worm, CBR = Crankbait, FPR = Flipping Sticks, SYR = ShakyHead.
Auparavant: Anneaux Recoil ou Fuji SiC suivant les modèles.
. code modèle. C=casting, S=spinning.
. 2 chiffres correspondant à la taille en pouces.
. dernier chiffre correspondant à la puissance (1 ~ L, 2 ~ M, 3 ~ MH, 4 ~ H, etc...).
G Loomis, Shimano Inc GLX
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Manufacturer's infos:
Jig & Worm:
Whether the fish are in heavy cover or just hiding behind a rock, you need a rod that will give you sensitivity to feel the bite and the power to control the fish. Our Jig & Worm Series is designed specifically for fishing jigs and soft plastics. The new NRX models are insanely light and unbelievably sensitive. They feature a split-grip handle configuration with Fuji Titanium SIC stripper guides & tip-top with the ultra-lite, ultra strong RECOIL guides the rest of the way. The new, improved GLX models are high performance, extremely light and sensitive fishing tools, featuring Fuji Titanium SIC guides, noted for their light weight and durability, along with a new proprietary G.Loomis reel seat and split-grip handle configurations. The new GLX spinning rods have our special new proprietary reel seat and although they have nice, light tips, they have more than enough power in the butt-section to handle any situation The MossyBack models are our mid-priced models and feature our proprietary “fiber-blend” construction with Fuji guides and reel seats. If you're into lightweight and sensitivy, power and control, then the Jig & Worm Series rods are just what the doctor ordered!!

GLX is still one of the lightest, most sensitive high performance rods we make. It is noticeably lighter and more sensitive than our IMX and all the other lower modulus materials we use. It has been the cornerstone our product line for almost 20 years. It's high modulus and high tensile-strength allow us to use as much as 15% less material than a comparable IMX rod creating a very dramatic reduction in weight. This year we have totally redesigned the GLX Series, using a new proprietary reel seat, split-grip handle configuration and Fuji Titanium SIC guides. Some of the tapers are new as well, improving the rod line across the board. It's that same unbelievable finite sensitivity GLX is known for in an entirely new package.

Flipping Sticks
Flipping is an oxymoron of sorts. It’s considered to be a finesse technique, yet it requires brute strength to make it work. The finesse part comes in the presentation. You want your jig or worm to enter the water very quietly because this is close-quarters combat fishing. You need it to drop straight down to make sure you get into the sweet spot next to that piling, bush or rock. You need heavy line because you’re after big fish and you need a rod with some guts so that when you do get bit, you can literally yank it away from the cover, quickly and with authority. Flipping Sticks used to be a lot stiffer, especially in the tip-section, to allow anglers to “swing” the bait accurately – depending on that stiff tip to help set the hook, but as techniques evolve and styles change, anglers have discovered they have more control and better accuracy with a fast-action rod with a more dynamic tip. They can use the flex in the tip to help accelerate the bait towards the target and they can “mend” the line with their free hand to control the lure’s entry into the water. We used to make our flipping sticks with telescopic handles, but boat designs have improved and now, most have rod lockers that will accommodate an 8-foot rod, so we changed to a one-piece configuration. It allows us to create a stronger, more sensitive stick that is noticeably lighter. After a long day on the water, anglers appreciate any weight reduction they can get. It also helps increase tip speed during the hookset and that means more positive control and more power when you need it. These rods are so light for such extreme power, there’s only one word to describe them… ASTONISHING!

A great approach for getting results in lakes where the fish get a lot of pressure and have seen about every type of bait you can imagine. Shallow, deep, around docks and even when the fish are on the beds, the ShakyHead rig may not be the go-to tactic under normal conditions, but it’s highly effective when the going gets tough. It’s a unique style that requires a special rod action to impart a quiver into a small finesse worm mounted on a relatively light jighead by subtly shaking the rod tip. It’s kind of like drop-shotting right on the bottom. The rod has a little stiffer feel because the real flex starts about 4-inches from the tip-top, creating a unique action so you can shake the jig & worm combination without moving it a lot. It takes some practice, but it can really make a tough day special. There's an NRX spinning rod with Fuji Titanium SIC stripper guides and tip-top with RECOIL guides the rest of the way. There are three spinning models in the new GLX with split-grip handles, a custom G.Loomis ultra-light reel seat and Fuji Titanium SIC guides & tip-top.The three Fiber-blend models include two spinning rods and one casting. When the fish are hugging the bottom in tight cover, this will get in their face like no other technique!
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namelengthactionsectionspowerlineyear country
GLX 802C JWR6' 8"ex-fast11/8-3/8oz10-14lbMedium2012 us
GLX 803C JWR6' 8"ex-fast13/16-5/8oz12-16lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 804C JWR6' 8"fast15/16-3/4oz14-20lbHeavy2012 us
GLX 805C JWR6' 8"fast11/4-1oz17-25lbEx-Heavy2012 us
GLX 852C JWR7' 1"ex-fast11/8-3/8oz10-14lbMedium2012 us
GLX 853C JWR7' 1"ex-fast13/16-5/8oz12-16lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 854C JWR7' 1"fast15/16-3/4oz14-20lbHeavy2012 us
GLX 855C JWR7' 1"fast11/4-1oz17-25lbEx-Heavy2012 us
GLX 893C JWR7' 5"ex-fast13/16-5/8oz12-16lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 894C JWR7' 5"fast15/16-3/4oz14-20lbHeavy2012 us
GLX 895C JWR7' 5"fast11/4-1oz17-25lbHeavy2012 us
GLX 722S JWR6' fast11/8-3/8oz6-12lbMedium2012 us
GLX 782S JWR6' 6"fast11/8-3/8oz6-12lbMedium2012 us
GLX 783S JWR6' 6"fast13/16-5/8oz8-14lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 801S JWR6' 8"ex-fast11/16-3/16oz6-10lbMed-Light2012 us
GLX 802S JWR6' 8"ex-fast11/8-3/8oz6-12lbMedium2012 us
GLX 803S JWR6' 8"ex-fast13/16-5/8oz8-14lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 852S JWR7' 1"ex-fast11/8-3/8oz6-12lbMedium2012 us
GLX 853S JWR7' 1"ex-fast13/16-5/8oz8-14lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 902S JWR7' 6"fast11/8-3/8oz6-12lbMedium2012 us
GLX 783 CBR6' 6"regular11/4-5/8oz8-14lbMedium2012 us
GLX 781 CBR6' 6"regular11/4-1/2oz6-12lbMed-Light2012 us
GLX 785 CBR6' 6"regular13/8-1oz10-20lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 841 CBR7' 12"regular11/4-1/2oz6-12lbMed-Light2012 us
GLX 843 CBR7' 12"regular11/4-5/8oz8-14lbMedium2012 us
GLX 845 CBR7' 12"regular13/8-1oz10-20lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 847 CBR7' 12"regular11/2-1 3/8oz12-25lbHeavy2012 us
GLX 855 CBR7' 1"regular13/8-1oz10-20lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 954 CBR8' 11"regular11/4-3/4oz10-17lbMedium2012 us
GLX 955 CBR8' 11"regular13/8-1oz10-20lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 956 CBR8' 11"regular11/2-1oz12-20lbHeavy2012 us
GLX 957 CBR8' 11"regular11/2-1 3/8oz12-25lbHeavy2012 us
GLX 892C FPR7' 5"fast13/16-5/8oz12-17lbMedium2012 us
GLX 893C FPR7' 5"fast11/4-3/4oz14-20lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 894C FPR7' 5"fast11/4-1oz17-25lbHeavy2012 us
GLX 895C FPR7' 5"fast13/8-1 1/4oz20-25lbEx-Heavy2012 us
GLX 896C FPR7' 5"fast11/2-1 1/2oz20-30lbEx-Heavy2012 us
GLX 953C FPR8' 11"fast11/4-1oz15-20lbMed-Heavy2012 us
GLX 821S SYR6' 10"ex-fast11/16-1/4oz6-10lbMag-Light2012 us
GLX 822S SYR6' 10"ex-fast11/8-5/16oz8-12lbMag-Medium2012 us
GLX 823S SYR6' 10"ex-fast13/16-5/8oz8-14lbMag-Heavy2012 us
BCR802 (discontinued)6' 8"ex-fast11/8-3/8oz10-14lbJig & Wormus
BCR803 (discontinued)6' 8"ex-fast13/16-5/8ozJig & Wormus
BCR804 (discontinued)6' 8"fast15/16-3/4ozJig & Wormus
BCR852 (discontinued)7' 1"ex-fast11/8-3/8ozJig & Wormus
BCR853 (discontinued)7' 1"ex-fast13/16-5/8ozJig & Wormus
BCR854 (discontinued)7' 1"fast15/16-3/4ozJig & Wormus
BCR855 (discontinued)7' 1"fast11/4-1ozJig & Wormus
BCR874 (discontinued)7' 3"fast15/16-3/4ozCarolina rigus
BCR875 (discontinued)7' 3"fast13/8-1 1/2ozCarolina rigus
BCR893 (discontinued)7' 5"ex-fast13/16-5/8ozSenkous
BCR864 (discontinued)7' 2"fast11/4-3/4ozSenkous
BCFR863 (discontinued)7' 2"fast11/4-3/4ozFlippingus
BCFR894 (discontinued)7' 5"fast11/4-1ozFlippingus
BCFR954 (discontinued)8' 11"fast11/4-1 1/4ozFlippingus
PR844C (discontinued)7' 12"11/4-5/8ozSaltwater poppingus
MBR783C (discontinued)6' 6"11/4-3/4ozMag Bassus
MBR842C (discontinued)7' 12"11/4-5/8ozMag Bassus
MBR784C (discontinued)6' 6"11/4-1ozMag Bassus
MBR844C (discontinued)7' 12"11/4-1ozMag Bassus
BSR802 (discontinued)6' 8"ex-fast11/8-1/4ozJig & Wormus
BSR803 (discontinued)6' 8"ex-fast13/16-5/8ozJig & Wormus
BSR852 (discontinued)7' 1"ex-fast11/8-3/8ozSenkous
PR844S (discontinued)7' 12"11/4-5/8ozSaltwater poppingus
SJR721S (discontinued)6' 11/16-5/16ozSpinningus
SR842-2 (discontinued)7' 12"11/16-5/16ozPanfishus
SJR722 (discontinued)6' 11/8-3/8ozSpinningus
SJR782 (discontinued)6' 6"11/8-3/8ozSpinningus
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Best price for G Loomis, Shimano Inc GLX: $455.00 / 31 offer(s)
G-Loomis Panfish Spinning Ro...2 GLX
$455 $455 (~419€) date: 7/13
G Loomis Jig Worm Spinning R...S JWR
$465 $465 (~428€) date: 7/13
G-Loomis SASR1002C Salmon GL...r Rod
$490 $490 (~451€) date: 7/13
G Loomis GLX 954C FPT GLX Fl...1 in.
$510 $510 (~469€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 803C ... 8in.
$525 $525 (~483€) date: 7/13
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Last price date: 7/13
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Last price date: 7/13
Shop .us us
Last price date: 7/13
Shop .us us
Last price date: 7/13
Shop .us us
Last price date: 7/13
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Last price date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 802C ... 8in.
$525 $525 (~483€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 843S ... 7ft.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
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G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 855C ... 1in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
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Last price date: 7/13
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Last price date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 895C ... 5in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/4
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G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 893C ... 5in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/4
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 894C ... 5in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 854C ... 1in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 842S ... 7ft.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 875C ... 3in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 903C ... 6in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 904C ... 6in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 843C ... 7ft.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/12
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 852C ... 1in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 902C ... 6in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 891S ... 5in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 892S ... 5in.
$550 $550 (~506€) date: 7/13
G Loomis 2024 GLX Bass 895C ... 5in.
$575 $575 (~529€) date: 7/13
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Last price date: 7/13

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