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Sakura Shinjin Neo

Sakura, Sert Shinjin Neo (Serie)
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Shinjin Neo Casting - lien materiel
SIC661XH (discontinued)6' 6"5.5ozfast1101/2-2.5oz12-30lbExtraHeavy2014 fr
SINC701M (discontinued)7' 12"4.8ozfast1103/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
SINC701MH (discontinued)7' 12"5ozfast1101/4-1 1/16oz6-17lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINC701H (discontinued)7' 12"5.3ozfast1103/8-1 3/8oz10-25lbHeavy2014 fr
SINC602M (discontinued)6' 4.4ozreg-fast293/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
SINC662MH (discontinued)6' 6"4.9ozreg-fast291/4-1 1/16oz4-12lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINC662XH (discontinued)6' 6"5.8ozfast2101/2-2.5oz12-30lbExtraHeavy2014 fr
SINC662XXH (discontinued)6' 6"6.4ozfast2101-5.3oz15-40lbExtraExtraHeavy2014 fr
SINC702M (discontinued)7' 12"4.8ozfast2103/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
Shinjin Neo Spinning - lien materiel
SINS661H (discontinued)6' 6"4.9ozfast1103/8-1 3/8oz10-25lbHeavy2014 fr
SINS661XH (discontinued)6' 6"6.9ozfast181/2-2.5oz12-30lbExtraHeavy2014 fr
SINS701ML (discontinued)7' 12"4.7ozfast181/8-3/8oz4-10lbMediumLight2014 fr
SINS701M (discontinued)7' 12"4.8oz183/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
SINS602MH-VERTICALE (discontinued)6' 5.2oz1+181/4-1 1/16oz6-17lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS732XH+ (discontinued)7' 3"6oz1+181/2-3.5oz12-35lbExtraHeavyPlus2014 fr
SINS502UL (discontinued)5' 11"3.2oz271/32-1/8oz1.5-6UltraLight2014 fr
SINS602L (discontinued)6' 3.7oz271/16-1/4oz2-8lbLight2014 fr
SINS632M (discontinued)6' 3"4.1oz283/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
SINS662ML (discontinued)6' 6"4.3ozfast281/8-3/8oz4-10lbMediumLight2014 fr
SINS662MH (discontinued)6' 6"4.8ozfast281/4-1 1/16oz6-17lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS662XH (discontinued)6' 6"6.3oz281/2-2.5oz12-30lbExtraHeavy2014 fr
SINS702UL (discontinued)7' 12"4.1ozfast281/64-1/4oz2-6lbUltraLight2014 fr
SINS702L (discontinued)7' 12"4.5ozfast281/16-1/4oz2-8lbLight2014 fr
Shinjin Neo Long Range - lien materiel
SINS712LR-MH (discontinued)7' 1"5.5ozreg-fast291/2-1 3/4oz8-20lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS702LR-M (discontinued)7' 12"4.8ozreg-fast293/8-1 1/4oz8-16lbMedium2014 fr
SINS702LR-MH (discontinued)7' 12"4.9ozfast291/2-1 3/4oz8-20lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS782LR-ML (discontinued)7' 8"5ozfast293/16-3/4oz6-14lbMediumLight2014 fr
SINS782LR-M (discontinued)7' 8"5.5ozfast293/8-1 1/4oz8-16lbMedium2014 fr
SINS782LR-MH (discontinued)7' 8"5.6ozfast291/2-2.1oz8-20lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS782LR-H (discontinued)7' 8"5.7ozfast293/4-3oz8-25lbHeavy2014 fr
SINS862LR-MH (discontinued)8' 6"6.2ozfast2101/2-1 3/4oz8-20lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS902LR-MH (discontinued)9' 10"6.7ozfast291/2-1 3/4oz8-20lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS962LR-MH (discontinued)9' 7"6.9ozfast291/2-1 3/4oz8-20lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS962LR-H (discontinued)9' 7"8ozfast293/4-2.1oz8-25lbHeavy2014 fr
SINS1002LR-H (discontinued)10' 10"8.6ozreg-fast293/4-2.1oz8-25lbHeavy2014 fr
Shinjin Neo Float Tube - lien materiel
SINC532FT-M (discontinued)5' 3"3.8ozfast283/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
SINS532FT-ML (discontinued)5' 3"3.5ozreg-fast271/8-3/8oz4-10lbMediumLight2014 fr
SINS562FT-M (discontinued)5' 6"3.8ozfast273/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
Shinjin Neo Casting Voyage - lien materiel
SINC664XH (discontinued)6' 6"5.5ozfast4101/2-2.5oz12-30lbExtraHeavy2014 fr
SINC704M (discontinued)7' 12"5.2ozfast4103/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
SINC704MH (discontinued)7' 12"5.2ozfast4101/4-1 1/16oz6-17lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINC704H (discontinued)7' 12"5.5ozfast4103/8-1 3/8oz10-25lbHeavy2014 fr
Shinjin Neo Spinning Voyage - lien materiel
SINS664XH (discontinued)6' 6"7.1ozfast481/2-2.5oz12-30lbExtraHeavy2014 fr
SINS704L (discontinued)7' 12"4.9ozfast491/16-1/4oz2-8lbLight2014 fr
SINS704M (discontinued)7' 12"5.1ozfast493/16-3/4oz4-12lbMedium2014 fr
SINS704MH (discontinued)7' 12"5.1ozfast491/4-1 1/16oz6-17lbMediumHeavy2014 fr
SINS704H (discontinued)7' 12"5.4ozfast493/8-1 3/8oz10-25lbHeavy2014 fr
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SAKURA Shinjin Neo Spin Cann...
169€ 169 date: 9/23

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