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Poison Adrena (Jackall, Shimano)

Fuji guides SiC Titanium.
Blank carbone Spiral X.
handle EVA.
Jackall, Shimano, Shimano Inc Poison Adrena
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Manufacturer's infos:
Technical design with Specific actions. Spiral X lightweight blank construction. Shimano Poison Adrena bass rods are the ultimate fishing tool for casting accuracy and distance, plus exceptional power and strength. Perfect to provide the fish-catching action from Jackall Flick Shake and Clone Fry plastics, Squadminnow crankbaits and TN lipless cranks.
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namelengthweightactionsectionsguidespowerlineyear country
PA166L-BFS (discontinued)6' 6"3.8ozfast11/8-3/8oz6-12lbCasting Light - Bait Finesse2013 jp
PA166ML (discontinued)6' 6"3.8ozreg-fast1103/8-1oz7-14lbCasting Medium Light2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA166M (discontinued)6' 6"3.9ozreg-fast1103/16-3/4oz8-16lbCasting Medium2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA166MH (discontinued)6' 6"3.9ozreg-fast1103/8-1oz10-20lbCasting Medium Heavy2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA1610L+-BFS (discontinued)6' 10"3.9ozfast11/8-1/2oz6-12lbCasting Light - Bait Finesse2013 jp
PA1610ML (discontinued)6' 10"4.1ozreg-fast13/16-1/2oz7-14lbCasting Medium Light2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA1610M (discontinued)6' 10"4ozreg-fast11/4-3/4oz8-16lbCasting Medium2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA1610MH (discontinued)6' 10"4.1ozreg-fast13/8-1oz10-20lbCasting Medium Heavy2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA170H-SB (discontinued)7' 12"4.5ozreg-fast1+13/8-2oz12-25lbCasting Heavy - Swim Baitjp, 2016/2017 fr
PA172M (discontinued)7' 2"4.4ozreg-fast1+11/4-3/4oz10-30lbCasting Mediumjp, 2016/2017 fr
PA172MH (discontinued)7' 2"4.5ozreg-fast1+13/8-1 1/16oz15-40lbCasting Medium Heavy2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA172MH-G (discontinued)7' 2"5ozreg-fast1+13/8-1 1/16oz15-40lbCasting Medium Heavy - Glassjp, 2016/2017 fr
PA172H (discontinued)7' 2"4.5ozreg-fast1+1103/8-1 1/2oz12-25lbCasting Heavy2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA174H-PF (discontinued)7' 4"4.9ozfast1+13/8-1 1/2oz20-50lbCasting Heavy - Pitching Flippingjp, 2016/2017 fr
PA174XH-SB (discontinued)7' 4"5.8ozregular1+1101/2-1 1/16oz30-50lbCasting Extra Heavy - Swim Baitjp, 2016/2017 fr
PA176XH (discontinued)7' 6"5.3ozreg-fast1+11/2-2oz14-30lbCasting Extra Heavyjp, 2016/2017 fr
PADRN262ULS (discontinued)6' 2"3oz191/16-3/16ozSpinning Ultra Light - Solid Taftec Alpha Tipjp, 2016/2017 fr
PADRN264UL (discontinued)6' 4"3.2oz191/16-1/4ozSpinning Ultra Light2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA266L (discontinued)6' 6"3.2ozfast11/16-3/8oz3-6lbSpinning Light2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA266ML (discontinued)6' 6"3.5ozreg-fast191/8-1/2oz4-8lb/pe<#1.5Spinning Medium Light2013 jp, 2016/2017 fr
PA270M (discontinued)7' 12"3.6ozreg-fast1+1103/16-1/2oz5-10lbSpinning Mediumjp, 2016/2017 fr
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