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Daiwa Lexa Travel Spin

Blank X45.
Anneaux Oxyde de Titane.
handle cork.
Daiwa Lexa Travel Spin
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Manufacturer's infos:
Multi-sectioned travel spinning rods meanwhile represent an established part within the DAIWA rod range. With the development of the Lexa Travel spinning rods, our engineers succeeded in the design of premium multi-sectioned travel rods, which hardly distinguish from two-sectioned rods regarding casting, fighting and lure presentation.

Equipped with HVF carbon fiber material and X45 design at the blank, these rods feature a fast tip action and allow long and precise casts due to their outstanding torsion resistance. The closed lengths of 66cm and 74cm allow a space-saving transportation at traveling – the perfect rods for trips with little luggage.
Ultra-light blank construction
HVF® carbon fiber blank
X45® carbon fiber construction
Fuji® reel seat
Titanium oxide guides
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namelengthweightsectionsguidespoweryear country
LXTS 40G8' 10"4.9oz481/2-1 3/8ozde
LXTS 50G10' 10"6.3oz593/8-1 3/4ozde
LXTS 50G9' 10"5.6oz481/2-1 3/4ozde
LXTS 60G8' 10"5.1oz481 1/16-2.1ozde
LXTS 60G9' 10"5.8oz481 1/16-2.1ozde
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