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Airrus KW Nano Fusion

KW Nano Fusion (discontinued) - Airrus
Anneaux Micro Pacific Bay.
handle EVA/Graphite.
Airrus KW Nano Fusion
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Manufacturer's infos:
While others were following us with years of delay using graphite nanotubes enriched resins, once again we decided to change the rules using a technology currently applied only for military industry. Each fishing rod is coated in the area of ​​greatest stress by a particular type of graphite called Carbon Nano Layered Buckypaper. The buckypaper is made of molecules 50.000 times thinner than a human hair and they are 500 times stronger and up to 10 times lighter than steel. Each Airrus KW Nanofusion has a layer of this material that gives it an unmatchable power, a reliability never seen before in a real competition fishing rod. A KW Nanofusion will feel quicker and better any bite. We didn’t assemble any serially produced reel seat, but we decided to expose the blank and to align as much as possible the hand to the ideal line of the micro guides, to give a never seen before precision at casting. The reel will be locked by a high resistance torsional aluminum screw. For tournament leaders only.
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namelengthactionsectionspowerlineyear country
ANFS663-1MF (discontinued)6' 6"fast11/8-3/8oz4-10lbMediumus, 2012 fr
ANFS704-1MHF (discontinued)7' 12"fast13/16-5/8oz8-14lbMedium Heavyus, 2012 fr
ANFS722-1MLXF (discontinued)7' 2"ex-fast11/16-3/8oz4-8lbMedium Lightus, fr
ANFC665-1HF (discontinued)6' 6"fast11/2-1oz10-20lbHeavyus, fr
ANFC684-1MHXF (discontinued)6' 8"ex-fast13/8-3/4oz8-14lbMedium Heavyus, 2012 fr
ANFC703-1MMF (discontinued)7' 12"reg-fast13/16-5/8oz8-16lbMediumus, 2012 fr
ANFC705-1HF (discontinued)7' 12"fast11/2-1 1/4oz12-30lbHeavyus, 2012 fr
ANFC766-1XHF (discontinued)7' 6"fast13/4-2.5oz12-40lbExtra Heavyus, 2012 fr
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