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Fox Rage Elite Terminator Crank & Jig

Fox Rage, Fox Elite Terminator Crank & Jig
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Manufacturer's infos:
Modern lure fishing is complex and finesse rigs belong to the arsenal at anglers disposal as well as wobblers, poppers, spinnerbaits, small shads and twisters. If you are looking for one rod to fish all of these, then the Terminator Crank & Jig is a fantastic choice. The parabolic action means that less fish will be lost during the fight and the sensitive tip action allows for a great presentation of different lures. Takes are easily recognised and because the blank can be loaded well, long and precise casts are easy to make. Thanks to the super slim 40 ton carbon fibre blank, the rod balances perfectly in the hand.

For fishing finesse rigs, wobblers or poppers, more and more modern predator anglers now prefer to use small baitcasting reels and you can secure these perfectly in the Fuji reel holder of the Terminator Series Crank & Jig Cast.

This rod has a parabolic action, so fewer fish will be lost during the fi ght and a sensitive tip action allows for good presentation of the lures and is perfect for recognising the take. The action is also ideal for long, precise casts – something that is especially important with baitcasting reels.

The extremely light 40 ton carbon blank, in combination with the Fuji trigger grip, balances the rod perfectly in the hand.
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namelengthweightactionsectionspoweryear country
NRD083 (discontinued)6' 3"3.5ozfast11/4-1ozspinninguk, 2013 fr
NRD084 (discontinued)8' 4.6ozfast21/4-1ozspinninguk, 2013 fr
NRD085 (discontinued)9' 5.3ozfast21/4-1ozspinninguk, 2013 fr
NRD086 (discontinued)6' 11"3.9ozfast11/4-1ozcastinguk, 2013 fr
NRD087 (discontinued)7' 11"4.6ozfast11/4-1ozcastinguk, 2013 fr
This item is contained into a serie:
Fox Rage, Fox Elite Terminator Series (spinning rod, casting rod)
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