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Savage Gear Weedless EWG Hooks

Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport Weedless EWG Hooks
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Manufacturer's infos:
Extreme wide gape single hooks, with Cork screw, belly weight and underspin Blade! Perfect for weedless rigging our Real eels, and numerous shads. The belly weight balances the loose body lures perfect and the Underspin blade rotates and send out flash. The long and strong cork screw, will hold your soft lure in place perfect and will make the rig last for many headshaking hookups! These ultra sharp wide gape hooks enables you to fish straight thru snags reeds and lily pads!
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Best price for Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport Weedless EWG Hooks: 8.30€ / 1 offer(s)
Hamecon Texan Savage Gear We...Hooks
9.99€ 8.30 -17% date: 6/17

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