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Jungle Wide Gap 4108 (Cultiva, Owner)

Cultiva, Owner Jungle Wide Gap 4108
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Manufacturer's infos:
One of the strongest Bass hooks on the market, 4X-Strong. This hook was designed with a few things in mind, heavy braided line and big baits. Made from Zo-Wire which is stronger than other traditional high carbon steel wires. With the point riding slightly above the eye, this is a true weedless hook. Can be rigged with Flipping baits, swimbaits, and everything else in between. Other Features include a forged shank for added strength and a Silky Gray frictionless finish that encourages superior hook penetration.
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Best price for Cultiva, Owner Jungle Wide Gap 4108: 7.45€ / 3 offer(s)
Hamecon Texan Owner 4108 Jun...e Gap
7.45€ 7.45 date: 12/10
Owner American 4108-146 Jung...
18.74€ 14.40 -23% date: 12/9
Owner 4108 Jungle Wide Gap Z...
14.65€ 14.65 date: 12/9

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