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Savage Gear Finezze HD4 Braid

braid 4 brins.
Couleur: grise ou jaune.
Bobines de 120m, 300m ou +2500m.
Savage Gear, Prologic, Svendsen Sport Finezze HD4 Braid
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Manufacturer's infos:
HD4 Finezze braid is Woven from the highest quality PE (Polyethylene) fibres, with an especially designed Tight Pitch, that ensures a round lasting profile with a ridged
surface and minimal torque. We have spent hours and hours, testing and finding the optimal digital controlled pitch formula, to ensure the longest possible casts and durability. The result is incredible – the best braided line for lure fishing imaginable! Perfect for spinning reels, to avoid wind knots and line twist.
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nameweightyear country
3.3kg0.06mm2014 eu
4.5kg0.08mm2014 eu
6kg0.1mm2014 eu
7.8kg0.13mm2014 eu
10kg0.16mm2014 eu
12.8kg0.19mm2014 eu
15kg0.22mm2014 eu
17.1kg0.26mm2014 eu
23kg0.33mm2014 eu
27kg0.35mm2014 eu
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