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Z-Man Finesse EyeZ

Z-Man Finesse EyeZ
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Manufacturer's infos:
The preeminent finesse jighead for systematic finesse, swimbait and soft jerkbait fishing, the Finesse EyeZ Jighead calls on a low-center-of-gravity head with Z-Man’s grooved Stabiltrack™ design to maintain perfect balance at all retrieve speeds, or when fished vertically. Oversized 3D eyeballs highlight four jig color patterns, focusing predatory attention and creating a pronounced strike target. Built around custom needle-point, light wire black nickel hooks, the Finesse EyeZ comes in two hook sizes and five jig weights: 1/12- to 3/8-oz with 1/0 or 3/0 hooks. A welded wire keeper facilitates easy, secure rigging of ElaZtech softbaits, locking them firmly into place. An ideal jighead for vertical fishing or "moping" with a StreakZ™ 3.75, 4" Finesse ShadZ™ or 4" or 5" Jerk ShadZ™, or for finesse swimbait applications using a Slim SwimZ™, MinnowZ™, or DieZel MinnowZ™.
- Ideal for finesse techniques using a variety of swimbaits and minnow style baits
- Oversized eyes create prominent strike target for gamefish
- Low center of gravity head with grooved Stabiltrack™ design for perfect balance at all retrieve speeds or when fished vertically
- Built on custom needlepoint 1/0 and 3/0 light wire black nickel hooks for easy hooksets
- Welded wire keeper makes rigging ElaZtech® softbaits easy and holds baits in place securely
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nameweighthooksyear country
#1/0 1/12oz3/32oz#1/0us, 2021 fr
#1/0 1/8oz1/8oz#1/0us, 2021 fr
#1/0 3/16oz3/16oz#1/0us, 2021 fr
#3/0 1/8oz1/8oz#3/0us
#3/0 3/16oz3/16oz#3/0us
#3/0 1/4oz1/4oz#3/0us, 2021 fr
#3/0 3/8oz3/8oz#3/0us, 2021 fr
Best price for Z-Man Finesse EyeZ: 12.70€ / 10 offer(s)
Tête Plombée Zman Finesse ...
12.70€ 12.70 date: 9/22
Z-Man Finesse Eyez FES112-02...0,2 g
17.96€ 17.96 date: 9/20
Z-Man Finesse Eyez FEL316-01...473 g
19.28€ 18.24 -5% date: 9/20
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Z-Man Finesse Eyez FEL316-04...,95 g
18.24€ 18.24 date: 9/20
Z-Man Finesse Eyez FEL14-04P.../4 oz
18.27€ 18.27 date: 9/20
Z-Man Finesse Eyez FEL38-02P...1,9 g
18.34€ 18.34 date: 9/20
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Z-MAN Lot de 3 paires de per...nique
18.34€ 18.34 date: 9/20
Z-Man Finesse Eyez FEL38-04P.../8 oz
19.40€ 18.35 -5% date: 9/20
Z-Man Lot de 3 perles Finess...1,9 g
19.57€ 18.60 -5% date: 9/20
Z-Man FEL18-04PK3 Finesse Ey...6,8 g
18.88€ 18.88 date: 9/20

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