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Sico Lure Lures

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Sico Lure Sico-First
star 4/5
Sico Lure
Sico-First (hardbait, jerkbait)
[40] [53 SP] [53] [68 SP] [68]
Sico Lure Shad Big Paddle
star 2/5
Sico Lure
Shad Big Paddle (swimbait, shad, softbait)
[5.2cm] [7.5cm] [11cm] [15.5cm]
Sico Lure Shad Mini Paddle
star 3/5
Sico Lure
Sico Lure Sico-Swim
star 0/5
Sico Lure
Sico Lure Sico-Crank
star 0/5
Sico Lure
Sico Lure Insecte
star 3/5
Sico Lure

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Spro RkStar (crankbait)
Spro RkCrawler (crankbait)
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Spro Fat John (crankbait)
Spro Outsider Crank (crankbait)
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Rapala, Rapala VMC Corp CrushCity Mayor Swimbait (swimbait, shad, softbait)

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