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OSP i-Waver

OSP i-Waver
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Manufacturer's infos:
v$i-Waver is the one and only bait that has its own world
i-Waver is the one and only bait that has its own world
Sometimes there is a situation that you can never get fish bite by mere retrieving or jerking minnow and even worms have no effect.
That is when you should pick up i-motion lure.
Not only when you try to catch finicky bass in spring but also when you try to win tournaments, i-motion lure is indispensable and is going to be more important for modern bass fishing.
What we aimed at is not just “i” type lure, but the lure that has ability to catch bass even under toughest condition.
To produce such lure, we gathered many elements, namely specific gravity, joint construction different from normal type, and specific fiber to win the tournament.

『What’s i-Waver?』
I-motion lure has been regarded difficult because angler can’t get bite although fish chase it. There must be several reasons.
Therefore, we loaded all the necessary elements to increase chases of bass, without being detected and to get more bite, more catch.
The body of i-Waver is an imitation of unprotected dull small fish and it is easy to be detected by both fish and angler.
And it keeps natural action because the joint part absorbs up and down movement of lure caused by waves and rod action. This movement makes bass U turn.
In other words, this joint is not for making lure action but for preventing unnecessary action.
The hairs of i-Waver are made of special fiber. They sway in the water just like tail fin of small fish and attract bass strongly because tail has no hook.
Also, two hooks dramatically decrease miss bite that is a weak point of i-motion lure.
Thus in spite of small body, i-Waver realized the ability to make bass bite like weightless worm and to collect big bass like bigbait.

『The reason of Floating』
Sometimes floating i-motion lure triggers more bite than sinking type depending on field type or season, or condition of bait fish.
It creates wakes when floating on the water, i-Waver has strong appeal.
The surface of the water is the place where escaping bait fish gather, so bass find them easy to bite.
Also, when it is floating on the surface of water, bass can’t discriminate it as a lure because bass can’t see the whole body.
Not to mention, it is very effective when bass are conscious of surface, searching for insect and pond smelt in post-spawning season.
But, just floating on the water is not enough for i-motion lure.
In the first place, i-motion lure is easy to be blown by wind. Needless to say, floating model is more easy to be blown.
I-Waver has realized easy control because it is not blown away too much with the help of double amount of hair compared to SSS and by high gravity of front body.
Also, the rear part of i-Waver is floatable with low specific gravity, so it does not dive so much and keeps on staying on surface.
Only joint design can have this subtle setting.
How to use this lure is just letting it float on the surface of water or retrieving it slowly by same tempo. Then, we can get bite easily.
Retrieve speed should be 5 seconds per 1 handle rotation in calm condition. That is the same as SSS model. And if it’s windy, you have to adjust retrieve speed because the fishing line is tightened by wind and drags the lure.
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