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Zip Baits Khamsin

Gamme black bass.
Système silent de transfert de masse.
Zip Baits Khamsin
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Manufacturer's infos:
Eat with short dirt and fluttering action
Since its appearance, "Kamshin" has been highly evaluated by many anglers. In particular, this SR model has uninterrupted voice due to its versatility such as its amazing flight distance and wobbling roll action for feeding. Due to the effect of installing a MAG-DRIVE, a short dirt with fluttering and fluttering is generated even if the line slack amount is not strictly controlled, and a bus is invited.

Silent shad that demonstrates its power in tough conditions
This is a diving shad that is effective from late autumn to early spring when the bath activity decreases as the water temperature decreases. In situations where you cannot fully respond to fast moving lures such as vibrations, you can attack it slowly and eat it. In addition, since the rod work is directly transmitted with the structure that the balance weight does not roll, it also supports agile dirt and sensitivity that stops without leaving a finish, and reaction method by jerking.
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namelengthweighthooksdensitydepthyear country
Tiny SR1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples #14suspending0.5m maxmono 3-6lb2011 jp
Tiny DR1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples #14suspending1.3m maxmono 3-6lb2011 jp
SR Junior2"1/8oz2 triples #10suspending1m maxmono 4-8lb<2004 jp, fr
DR Junior2"3/16oz2 triples #10suspending1.5m maxmono 4-8lb<2004 jp, fr
SR2 3/4"3/8oz2 triples #8suspending1.5m maxmono 8-12lb<2004 jp, fr
DR2 3/4"3/8oz2 triples #8suspending2m maxmono 8-14lb<2004 jp, fr
105 SP-SR4 1/4"1 1/64oz2 triples #2suspendingjp, 2021 fr
Best price for Zip Baits Khamsin: 19.40€ / 9 offer(s)
Zip Baits Khamsin SR 513R
19.14€ 19.40 +1% date: 2/26
Zip Baits Khamsin 105 SP 673...P 673
24.51€ 24.51 date: 2/26
Leurre Suspending Zip Baits ...0.5Cm
35.50€ 35.50 date: 2/28
Zip Baits Khamsin 105 SP 300...P 300
33.47€ 43.61 +30% date: 2/26
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Zip Baits Khamsin 105 SP 510... 510R
33.47€ 43.61 +30% date: 2/26
Zip Baits Khamsin 105 SP 995...P 995
33.47€ 43.61 +30% date: 2/26
Zip Baits Khamsin 105 SP 082...P 082
24.63€ 43.61 +77% date: 2/26
Zip Baits Khamsin 105 SP 200... 2001
24.47€ 43.61 +78% date: 2/26
Zip Baits Khamsin 105 SP 509...P 509
24.18€ 43.61 +80% date: 2/26

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