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OSP Jig Zero One

Existe en version ECO, jupe caoutchouc ou silicone.
OSP Jig Zero One
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Manufacturer's infos:
This jig transcends ideal because it has both snaglessness and hooking performance.
Cover jig is a lure that required its performance under very severe condition. There are many kinds of cover like man-made cover or natural cover. And they change their shape every season. Good cover jig must always have snaglessness in every circumstance.

But, increasing brush guards to enhance snaglessness makes hooking performance deteriorate. To solve this contradiction, we studied brush guards from the beginning. Then we reached the conclusion that it is best to put adequate brush guards in the oblong hole instead of round hole.

O.S.P JIG ZEROONE has succeeded in solving the contradiction between snaglessness and hooking performance by original brush guard and hooking mechanism. At the same time, cover jig needs the ability to tempt bass for more catch under tough condition of recent years. The head shape and eye position surely increase bite because they made it possible to tempt bass by hanging on the cover. It can entice bass because it stays there horizontally. O.S.P JIG ZEROONE is the ultimate cover jig which has best performance. This is the real cover jig that will change the criteria of this lure.
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3/16oz2006 jp
1/4oz2006 jp
5/16oz2006 jp
3/8oz#2/02006 jp
1/2oz#2/02006 jp
Best price for OSP Jig Zero One: ¥660.00 / 7 offer(s)
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Last price date: 1/28
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Last price date: 1/28
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Last price date: 1/28
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Last price date: 1/28
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Last price date: 1/28
Jig O.S.P Zero One Jig - 14G
12.40€ 12.40 date: 1/28
Jig O.S.P Zero One Jig - 11G
12.40€ 12.40 date: 1/28

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