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Lucky Craft Bevy Shad

Gamme bass/trout.
with rattles sauf modèles Shingo (silent).
SP=suspending, F=floating.
Modèle DD, FC grands et très grands plongeurs.
Modèle Mk-II conçu avec une bavette en circuit imprimé.
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Manufacturer's infos:
The absolutely essential ‘reel, stop’ action brings cranking technology from Japan. When cranking in open water it is very important to apply the stopping action and give the following bass time to eat. It is perfectly suitable for cranking at the weed edge and compatible with smallmouth bass and spotted bass. The low-pitched rattle sound leads to bites from big bass and its absolute power is demonstrated in tournaments.
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Bevy Shad - lien materiel
60 SP2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples #10suspending1.5m env1995 jp, fr, us
60 DD / 60 Deep River2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples #10suspending2m envjp, us
75 SP3"3/8oz2 triples #6suspending2m envligne 8-12lb1997 jp, fr, us
50 FC2"1/8oz2 triples #10suspending1.5m envjp, 2014 us
40 SP (discontinued)1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples #12suspending1.5m maxjp, us
40 DD / 40DIVE-SP (discontinued)1 1/2"3/32oz2 triples #12suspending2m envjp, us
50 F (discontinued)2"1/8oz2 triples #10floating1m maxjp, fr, us
50 SP (discontinued)2"1/8oz2 triples #10suspending1m env1994 jp, fr, us
60 F (discontinued)2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples #10floating1.5m maxjp, fr, us
75 F (discontinued)3"3/8oz2 triples #6floating2m maxligne 8-12lbjp, fr, us
Shingo 50 SP (discontinued)2"1/8oz2 triples #10suspendingligne 4-6lbjp, us
Shingo 60 SP (discontinued)2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples #8suspendingligne 4-6lbjp, us
60 FC (discontinued)2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples #8suspending1.5m envjp, 2014 us
Mk-II 50SP (discontinued)2"1/8oz2 triples #10suspendingligne 2-8lbus
Mk-II 60MR (discontinued)2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples #8suspendingligne 4-6lbus
Mk-II 60SP (discontinued)2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples #8suspendingligne 4-6lbus
Mk-II 60DD (discontinued)2 1/4"3/16oz2 triples #8suspendingligne 4-8lbus
Mk-II 60XD (discontinued)2 1/4"suspendingus
Bevy Shad TanGo - lien materiel
45 SP (discontinued)1 3/4"1/8oz2 triples #10suspending0.6m env2003 jp
45 S (discontinued)1 3/4"1/8oz2 triples #10sinking0.6m min2003 jp
55 SP (discontinued)2 1/4"1/4oz2 triples #8suspending0.8m envjp
55 S (discontinued)2 1/4"1/4oz2 triples #8sinking0.8m minjp
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Best price for Lucky Craft Bevy Shad: 14.50€ / 7 offer(s)
Leurre Suspending Lucky Craf...- 6Cm
14.50€ 14.50 date: 7/24
Leurre Suspending Lucky Craf...- 6Cm
14.50€ 14.50 date: 7/24
Leurre Lucky Craft Bevy Shad... Shad
15.00€ 15.00 date: 7/24
Leurre Luckycraft Bevy Shad ...airon
16.00€ 16.00 date: 7/24
Leurre Luckycraft Bevy Shad ...airon
16.00€ 16.00 date: 7/24
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Last price date: 7/24
Shop .us us
Last price date: 7/24

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