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Daiwa Megaforce Pilk

Saltwater serie (jigging) gros poisson.
Blank HMC.
handle EVA.
Daiwa Megaforce Pilk
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Manufacturer's infos:
With the Megaforce jigging rods, DAIWA presents a completely reworked jigging rod series. The rods are made of high modulus carbon fiber and are designed for fishing in the North and Baltic Sea as well as for fishing in Norway. The rods are very well balanced and their soft tip perfectly absorbs headshakes of cod & Co. Ideally suited for the use of braided lines. This series covers nearly all fields of application at the North Sea.

The 2.25m version with 200-500g casting weight has been designed for jigging for cod in great depths as well as for fishing for halibuts with large shads.

The 2.70m version with 40-100g casting weight is a light seafishing rod for fishing for pollack and coalfish with small shads and pirks.

High modulus carbon fiber blank (HMC)
Fuji® reel seat
Saltwater-proof titanium oxide guides
Overlaying tip guide
Saltwater resistant EVA handle
Strong backbone
Transportation holdall
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namelengthweightsectionsguidespoweryear country
270 MFB 100G9' 10"9.9oz271 3/8-3.5oz2015 eu
240 MFB 200G8' 10"9.9oz273.5-7.1oz2015 eu
275 MFB 200G9' 10"11.3oz273.5-7.1oz2015 eu
300 MFB 200G10' 10"12oz283.5-7.1oz2015 eu
210 MFB 300G7' 11"9.2oz275.3-10.6oz2015 eu
245 MFB 300G8' 10"10.6oz275.3-10.6oz2015 eu
225 MFB 500G7' 5"10.6oz287.1-17.6oz2015 eu
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47.30€ 47.30 date: 6/24
DAIWA Megaforce Travel Pilk ...
47.30€ 47.30 date: 6/24
DAIWA Megaforce Travel Pilk ...
49.40€ 49.40 date: 6/24
DAIWA Megaforce Pilk Canne à...
86.55€ 85.76 -1% date: 6/23

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