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Illex Ashura The Artist Spinning

Blank x5.
Micro Fuji guides K SiC ou Torzite suivant les modèles.
handle EVA.
Illex, Sensas Ashura The Artist Spinning
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Manufacturer's infos:
This new range of state of the art rods are the product of Franco- German design and field testing. These fantastic rods have been put together to meet the exacting needs of top European anglers.

Rods built with this level of quality and attention to detail makes a real statement about what angling means to you as a way of life.

Built on high quality American blanks that use high modulus carbon with the exclusive 3M Powerlux resin. Each rod exudes elegance and class combining lightness, strength, action and responsiveness.

These rods are finished using the latest Fuji micro guides and series K rings to give unrivalled trouble free precision casting. All are fitted with ergonomic skeleton reel handles that are light and give you direct contact with the blank itself.

We are sure you will agree with us that this exciting new range of rods is built with such care and attention to detail that they are quite simply the best on the market.
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namelengthweightactionsectionsguidespowerlineyear country
S 1982 UL (discontinued)6' 6"3.4ozex-fast281/32-3/16ozspinning (torzite)2015 fr
S 210 M (discontinued)7' 11"4.1ozfast283/16-3/4oz4-14lbspinning2013 fr
S 210 MH (discontinued)7' 11"4.3ozex-fast191/4-1oz6-17lbspinning2013 fr
S 210 MH Black Shadow (discontinued)7' 11"3.8ozex-fast1+181/4-1ozspinning (torzite)2016 fr
S 210 H (discontinued)7' 11"4.8ozex-fast1+193/8-1 3/8oz10-25lbspinning2014 fr
S 225 M Black Ops (discontinued)7' 5"4.3ozex-fast1+181/4-1ozspinning (torzite)2016 fr
S 240 MH (discontinued)8' 10"5.4ozex-fast293/8-1 3/8oz12spinning2014 fr
S 270 MH (discontinued)9' 10"6ozfast291/2-1 3/4oz16spinning2014 fr
This item is contained into a serie:
Illex, Sensas Ashura The Artist (spinning rod, casting rod)
Best price for Illex, Sensas Ashura The Artist Spinning: 839.00€ / 1 offer(s)
Canne Spinning Illex The Art...k Elf
839€ 839 date: 2/22

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