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Sujet: Fishing Hericy

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message 10 oct 2018 - 16:26 | Fishing Hericy  
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I have recently moved to Hericy just South of Paris, and am luck enough to be only 100 yards from the Seine. Am I able to fish all year round here, once I have my licence? I am assuming this is a Category 2 water? Also, not sure if anyone else fishes this stretch, but I am assuming there will be cats, carp, bream, barbel, pike, etc along here? I will only be catch and release so not bothered about sizes, and understand I can only fish during the day. Is there any other obscure rules I should be aware of before I wet a line? Steve
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message 16 oct 2018 - 18:58 |  
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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum. I can see that nobody has answered you so far. I guess there isn't so many English speakers around here.
I'm not from Paris region then I cannot give you any advice. But look at the district 77 fishing federation website (http://www.federationpeche77.fr/) and you'll find all information you need.
But, there is always a but, it's in French language only.
I really hope you can speak French even a little or else it might be quite complicated.

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message 17 oct 2018 - 14:08 |  
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[quote]Am I able to fish all year round here, once I have my licence? I am assuming this is a Category 2 water? [quote]

Yes for your two first questions. Seine waters are here in catégory 2 waters (2ème catégorie).
Your licence can be taken on the "FNPF" site "carte de pêche".

Attention to non reciprocal waters and fishing reserves.

Sorry for my poor english.

Welcome on Achigan !

Elorn is a little river 500 km west of Paris only in category first (trouts and salmons).

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message 18 oct 2018 - 07:46 |  
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You can fish all year but not all the fishes. In category 2 waters, predators fishing (with any type of baits) is forbidden from end of january to generally first week-end of may. This concerns pikes and zanders mostly, but you can fish other fishes.
If you plan to fish the Seine, there aren't too many rules to know. Check the link Laurentdu76 gave you. If you need any other additional infos you can't find in english, send a private message. I'm not from that area, but I can help you understand the different french rules. icon_wink.gif
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message 18 oct 2018 - 09:27 |  
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Merci pour les réponses. J'apprends le français - lentement...

My wife is french and children bilingual, so wanted to move away from the UK before Brexit. It is easier now than it will be next year...Best way to learn about local fishing, is to go fishing! So I am off to the river....
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message 18 oct 2018 - 10:30 |  
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Hi Stephen ! I send you a private message, check it if you need informations about spots or anything else !

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