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OSP Louder

OSP Louder
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The final weapon that imitates small bait and bug and shrimp. Easy casting with both spinning and baitcasting tackle.
It plays a role of popper with full spec. “The LOUDER” is born.

Only popper has an ability and roll to entice and gather bass from wide and deep area even when they are hiding in the cover. It works when pencil bait has not enough attracting power. It has long castabilty and accuracy and it also has popping sound, splash, rattle sound and swimming on the spot which are very important to attract fish. It is useful in the unproductive narrow spot and grass area in wide open water. It is developed to improve the presence of popper drastically to maximize total performance.

The “LOUDER50”

The strong point of small popper is attracting high pressured bass with small size and imitating small bait or bug or shrimp or frog. Quiet landing sound is also effective. The “LOUDER 50” has weight in the small body to make intentional action and to catch water firmly. Floating posture is slightly vertical because it has high specific gravity. So it has castablity and stability on the water. And it does not move by line tension. The maximum feather and tinsel realized quiet landing sound and catch water firmly. So it can entice bass on the same spot. Not to mention castability is awesome. It has big cup and “Break Water” mechanism to realize attractive power beyond its size. So it realized popping sound and splash to create water column. In this way, small size popper genres that are narrow because of their small range, it will be a strength that brings more fish than ever by overcoming the limits of its performance.

Recommended Tackle. Line and Snap

Reel should be baitcasting reel with fluorocarbon line 10 lb and rod should be ML class 6~6.6ft. If you use spinning tackle, 4~4.5lb fluorocarbon line and 6~7ft rod ML class or more is recommended.. Line should be tied directly and if you use snap, #0 or smaller is recommended. If you use fluorocarbon line, the weight of line makes cup face down and generates popping sound easily. On the other hand, if you use nylon line cup faces upward and generates water column and splash because the weight of line is light.


Good for fishing at both major lake and small pond. 60mm popper “The Louder 60”
“The Louder 60” was designed to be the smallest size to correspond to the situation of busy major lake and shore fishing of small pond. Its #6 hooks do not tangle each other and its front hook point never touches the cup.

“The Louder 60” has lengthwise hook hungers which enable double hook tune. The weight is 8.4g. Body is designed rear weighted and high specific gravity. So although it has much feather, castability is good both distance and accuracy.

Long nose and big cup grasp much water and makes pop sound when it touches the water. That sound appeals to big bass that hiding far back in the cover.

It has Break Water structure inside edge of upper jaw. It pushes the water in the cup forward without missing.

It swings its head moderately in a short distance and generates splash and water column, spits. Due to high specific gravity design, it is seldom blown by wind. It does not move much toward you when you give action.

Most part of the body stays in the water upright, so it can entice bite of bass which hesitates to come up to the surface because of bird’s attack and it seldom miss the bite.

By improving each performance of popper “The Louder 60” is equipped the power of new dimension.

“The Louder 60” has the function of popper at its most.

For example, when you feel pencil bait does not have enough appeal power, it is time popper performs its function because it can attract bass far back in the cover and let them bite.Not to mention, distance and accuracy is important but pop sound and splash, rattle sound and swimming within short distance are also important to attract bass. It can be used regardless of the field from narrow spot to wide weed area. “The Louder 60” was developed to improve drastically the total quality of popper.

Basically we recommend line to be tied directly to the eye and if you use snap, we recommend small size like #0. When you use fluorocarbon line, its cup faces downward and generates pop sound easily. On the contrary, if you use nylon line, the cup faces upward. So, it is easy to make water column and splash.


The debut of “LOUDER 70”!
This bait expresses the role of popper to the fullest.
No other bait can attracts bass from wide and deep area or bass hiding inside the cover but popper. It is true when, for example, you feel pencil bait does not have adequate appeal power.

Popper has casting distance and accuracy and also has important appeal performance like popping sound, splash sound and rattle sound. It can tempt bass with such appeal sound almost on the spot because you can manipulate its movement.

Popper is available at any place from narrow spot→small pocket which productive zone is very scarce to vast weed area. “LOUDER70” is developed to enhance the ability of popper drastically by improving total quality.

What is “LOUDER70”

You can cast it long and accurate even when you use thicker line around cover.
The cupped face which is the key of popper is big and unique long- nose- shape.
It grasps huge water and swells the surface of the water, then creates water column. It has Break Water structure inside edge of upper jaw just like gum. Break Water structure holds water in the cup and it creates sharp splash and spits water spray like fan-shape over 1m ahead.

Also the sound as if fish are biting that occurs when “LOUDER70” hits the water is effective against the bass hiding under cover.

Rolling sound and wall-hitting sound occur when big rear weight moves back and forth. Appeal power reaches max then.

It is also good at neck swinging. So, “LOUDER70” creates popping sound and splash in any situation from short twitch at tight spot to strong jerk in the open water.

It floats rather vertically because it is designed as high specific gravity. So it holds water well and appeals to bass with on- the- spot action. It can elicit bass bite even when they are reluctant. Moreover, darter action is also possible. It dives and floats.

Thus, strong popper was born. It can fascinate bass in variously ways. It is a cluster of many appealing elements.

Fluorocarbon and nylon line

The action of popper depends on the line you use. If you use fluorocarbon line, the weight of line makes bait head down, so it is easy to make popping sound. And if you use nylon line, it is easier to make water column and splash. It generates popping sound by manipulating rod not to swing the head too much.
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