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Sert Rods - spinning rod

On this page, here tackle with tag "spinning rod".

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Sakura, Sert Trinis Travel Spinning
star 3/5
Sakura, Sert
Trinis Travel Spinning (spinning rod)
[TRST 664 XH] [TRST 704 M] [TRST 704 MH] [TRST 704 H]
Sakura, Sert Shükan
star 3/5
Sakura, Sert
Shükan (spinning rod, casting rod)
[SHC 661 SJ CAST Slow Jigging] [SHS 661 SJ SPIN Slow Jigging] [SHS 702 H Maigre Special] [SHS 712 M Boat Finesse Special] [SHS 722 MH+ Verticale Special] plus...
Sakura, Sert Tsubaki
star 2/5
Sakura, Sert
Tsubaki (spinning rod)
[TSS 532 UL] [TSS 602 UL] [TSS 632 L] [TSS 702 ML] [TSS 732 ML+]
Sakura, Sert Iconic RS Spinning
star 3/5
Sakura, Sert
Iconic RS Spinning (spinning rod)
[ICRSS 702 ML+ – Power Finesse] [ICRSS 802 ML+ – Distance Finesse] [ICRSS 702 M – Lucky Seven] [ICRSS 742 M+ – Banshee] [ICRSS 662 MH – Wildcat] plus...

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