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Spiderwire UltraCast Ultimate Mono

Spiderwire, Pure Fishing UltraCast Ultimate Mono
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Manufacturer's infos:
The true super mono. Higher strength-per-diameter than any current nylon mono. Less stretch than any current nylon mono – the “bridge” between nylon and superline. X-tra strong, X-tra thin, X-tra sensitive.

Breakthrough strength-to-diameter co-polymer is 33% stronger than the average mono
Unprecedented 15% stretch for incredible sensitivity and hook setting power
Thin diameter allows exceptional bait action and high line capacity
Excellent knot and shock strength – even when wet
Optimized for baitcast reels, but still castable and manageable on spinning reels
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nameweightyear country
8lb5kg0.258mm2014 fr, us
10lb5.9kg0.281mm2014 fr, us
12lb7.3kg0.302mm2014 fr, us
14lb9.1kg0.354mm2014 fr, us
17lb11.9kg0.4mm2014 fr, us
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