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Malin Boa No-Kink

Titanium permettant de faire des noeuds.
Bobine de 30ft (9m).
Malin Boa No-Kink
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Manufacturer's infos:
Malin’s revolutionary “BOA” No-Kink Titanium shock leader wire is the best choice for all fishing applications requiring a leader, whether it be live or dead bait, conventional lures or fly. Try a coil today and increase the odds of releasing, boating or landing that prized catch. The revolutionary “BOA” No-Kink Titanium shock leader is the world’s first titanium shock leader wire. It is perfect for all types of fishing applications when you desire the following advantages: 1. A corrosion proof titanium leader for maximum abrasion resistance. 2. A titanium leader with a stretch value of 10% to 15% for increased hook setting ability, and protection against excessive shock. 3. A titanium leader that will rival fluorocarbon for invisibility in water because of its natural color and non-glare finish, and it stands up to toothy fishes, fluorocarbon does not. 4. A titanium leader that is highly flexible and is virtually impossible to kink in a fishing application. It cannot be haywire twisted and does not need to be crimped. 5. A titanium leader than can be tied using the listed conventional knots. Just pull the knots down snug using pliers, until you feel the stretch, and trim tag end. The knot will appear to be loose and will not pack down like a mono knot, but don’t worry, they will hold.
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Best price for Malin Boa No-Kink: $35.99 / 2 offer(s)
Malin BOA NO-KINK Titanium S...30-30
$35.99 $35.99 (~33.2€) date: 3/3
Malin BOA NO-KINK Titanium S...40-30
$41.99 $41.99 (~38.8€) date: 3/3

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