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Gary Yamamoto Yama Craw

Gary Yamamoto Yama Craw
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Manufacturer's infos:
The all-new Yama Craw™ fills a void not only in the Yamamoto lineup, but in the entire fishing industry as well. The most impactful attribute of the Yama Craw, and what really sets it apart, is that it’s constructed from our new “Mega Floater Formula”. This is the same formula that we used when creating the popular Ned Senko and hot new Slinko. This formula allows for a soft feel and a bait that floats. This formula allows you to rig a Yama Craw™ countless ways, and it will stand up when it hits the bottom and mimic the natural defensive posture of a crawfish. These same properties also make the Yama Craw™ THE best football jig trailer ever! The claws float and allow you to move the bait at super-slow speeds, slower than any other craw out there, and still get the desired kicking action. Finally, and maybe most importantly, when you stop your jig, the claws will float up and seal the deal on any fish within eyeshot. The all-new Yama Craw™ is pro-tested, nature-inspired, and fish-approved.
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Best price for Gary Yamamoto Yama Craw: $6.99 / 3 offer(s)
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Last price date: 9/22
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Last price date: 9/22
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