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Musky Innovations Titan Tube

Musky Innovations Titan Tube
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Titan Tube is a 10” big fish tube. It has a 1 ½ oz jig head in the front of the tube and has an integrated harness that a 6/0 treble hook is attached to. The treble hook hugs the base of the body of the tube and allows for better hook ups than many other tube configurations. The Titan tube is also different because they are painted to look like real bait fish, has 3 D eyes, and a flexible clear coat. These tubes are often used in deep water off break lines or deep weed and rock edges. These large tubes often have a subtle action that can get neutral fish to bite. (comes with one rigged tube and one spare tube body)

12” Titan Tube is designed to mimic large forage for large game fish. The 12” Titan Tube is rigged Jerk-Bait style. It has a mid-weight harness system with the line tie coming out the front of the tube. This creates a lure that runs mostly horizontal in the water – much different than many tube style lures. The 12” Titan tube has an erratic action in the water and is rigged with the back treble hook having shrink tube for better hook-ups. With this lure, you create all the action with your rod – so be creative and see how you can make the bait dance for that explosive strike.
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