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Z-Man TRD CrawZ

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Z-Man TRD CrawZ
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Manufacturer's infos:
An ultra-realistic crayfish imitation, the TRD CrawZ was designed for Ned-rigging but is also ideal for use as a finesse jig trailer and even as a saltwater fiddler crab imitation thanks to its buoyant claws that stand the bait up in a natural defensive posture when dragged along the bottom. Paired with the Finesse BulletZ Jigheads, the TRD CrawZ is an excellent downsized option for pitching into cover when the bite gets tough and bass shun larger offerings. Available in a wide array of color options, there's a TRD CrawZ to 'match the hatch' in virtually all rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes where craws are present!

Compact and lifelike 2.5" crawfish imitation that is ideal for Ned Rig applications
Bulbous, buoyant claws float at rest, mimicking the natural defensive posture of a crayfish
Tucked-under tail and flat belly creates gliding action preferred by finesse enthusiasts
Pairs perfectly with Finesse ShroomZ™, NedlockZ™, and new Finesse BulletZ™ jigheads
Also an ideal trailer for small skirted jigs like the ShroomZ™ Micro Finesse Jig
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namelengthdensityyear country
2.5"2 1/2"floatingpar 62018 us, 2019 fr
Best price for Z-Man TRD CrawZ: $4.49 / 23 offer(s)
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Black/Blue
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
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Z-Man TRD CrawZ - California Craw
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/10
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Canada Craw
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Green Pumpkin
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Molting Craw
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Motor Oil
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Mudbug
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/13
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - The Deal
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Watermelon Red
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ- Greasy Prawn
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/14
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Hot Craw
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Bubble Gut
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Green Pump...range
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
Z-Man TRD CrawZ - Drew's Craw
$4.49 $4.49 (~4.2€) date: 6/15
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Last price date: 6/15
Leurre Souple Zman Trd Crawz...
10.95€ 9.30 -15% date: 6/15
Z-Man TRDCR-359PK6 TRD Crawz... de 6
9.59€ 9.59 date: 6/15
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Z-Man TRDCR-356PK6 TRD Crawz... de 6
9.59€ 9.59 date: 6/15
TRD Crawz Softbait/Jig 6,3 c...par 6
9.59€ 9.59 date: 6/15
Z-Man TRDCR-268PK6 TRD Crawz... de 6
9.59€ 9.59 date: 6/15
Z-Man TRDCR-46PK6 TRD Crawz ...,5 cm
14.41€ 14.41 date: 6/15
Z-MAN TRDCR-278PK6 TRD Crawz...,3 cm
15.61€ 15.61 date: 6/15
Z-Man TRDCR-273PK6 TRD Crawz...,5 cm
15.09€ 15.72 +4% date: 6/15

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