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Berkley Pulse Snake

Berkley, Pure Fishing Pulse Snake
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Snake really does justice to its name! This easy-to-fish hardbait swims like a snake, making a lot of commotion under water. And this commotion drives the predators wild! A super easy to fish lure, that performs well in all waters
- Lots of noise and commotion under water
- Fantastic S-curve swimming action
- Easy to fish and applicable to all watertypes
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namelengthweightdepthyear country
3 1/4"5/16oz1.5m maxeu
4 1/4"3/8oz1.5m maxeu
Best price for Berkley, Pure Fishing Pulse Snake: 7.50€ / 4 offer(s)
Leurre Flottant Berkley Puls...- 9Cm
7.99€ 7.50 -6% date: 12/7
Leurre Flottant Berkley Puls... 11Cm
8.99€ 8.50 -5% date: 12/7
Crankbait Berkley Pulse Snak... (8g)
8.99€ 7.71 -14% date: 11/30
Crankbait Berkley Pulse Snak...(10g)
9.99€ 8.54 -15% date: 11/30

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