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Berkley PowerBait The Deal

Berkley, Pure Fishing PowerBait The Deal
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Manufacturer's infos:
Pro designed by Skeet Reese
High sided shad profile ads bulk and presence
High action tails mimic fleeing baitfish and amp up the action of your bladed jig
Rig as a stand alone swimbait in open water and around vegetation.
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3 1/2"3 1/2"sinkingus
4 1/2"4 1/4"sinkingus
Best price for Berkley, Pure Fishing PowerBait The Deal: $4.99 / 6 offer(s)
Berkley Powerbait The Deal -.../Blue
$4.99 $4.99 (~4.6€) date: 7/22
Berkley Powerbait The Deal -...Money
$4.99 $4.99 (~4.6€) date: 7/22
Berkley Powerbait The Deal -.../Blue
$4.99 $4.99 (~4.6€) date: 7/22
Berkley Powerbait The Deal -...mpkin
$4.99 $4.99 (~4.6€) date: 7/22
Berkley Powerbait The Deal -...Money
$4.99 $4.99 (~4.6€) date: 7/22
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Last price date: 7/22

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