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OSP Picro

OSP Picro
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Manufacturer's infos:
The madness of innovative minnow
Abnormal response of bass which is generated by “The Picro 68” is not just bite or threatening but almost madness. “The Picro 68” is an innovative hard bait that generates strong color change and flashing. You can give it roll action easily by just retrieve and rod work. This name came from the attitude of feeble baitfish that this bait performs by roll action. So “Picro” is a coined word. When you retrieve it simply, it dives 50cm deep and looks almost baitfish that swims on the surface without caution with a fluffy and small roll action. If you twitch it quick and continuously it falls more drastically than you retrieve it simply and appeals strongly on the spot. It is needless to say that the response is good when you retrieve it slowly but when you retrieve it quick it performs as running small bait fish. So it is also available for boil shooting. In addition, it is also effective to use it on the surface of the water with its special fibers that shimmer like tail fins. Its floating posture is exquisite. And the fine rolls that gently shake the line slack blow away the rationale of a selective bass by producing a dying small fish. If you add a short jerk on the surface of the water, it dives with the sound of popper or darter and stimulates bass's predatory instinct.

Recommended tackle
Rod: 6ft〜6.6ftUL〜L action
Line: fluorocarbon or nylon line around 4lb. Braided line around 8lb
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namelengthweighthooksdensityyear country
68 F2 3/4"3/16oz2 triples #10floating2020 jp
68 SSS2 3/4"3/16oz2 triples #10sinking2021 jp
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