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Yum Money Craw

Corps creux : peut intégrer des billes bruiteuses.
Yum, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing Money Craw
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Manufacturer's infos:
Swimmingly supple, like the YUM Money Minnow, the Money Craw combines the action of a swimbait with the enticing profile of a crawfish. Find the best color to match the surrounding water and rocks and fish for largemouth bass, or smallmouth bass around points and stumps. And this soft plastic fishing lure just as effective in deep pockets to entice elusive rainbow trout out of hiding.
The YUM Money Craw is a soft plastic lure that looks and acts like a scrumptious meal - a newly molted soft-shelled crawfish. Whether pitched on a Texas rig, swam on a jighead or fished as a trailer behind a BOOYAH Jig, this ultra-natural fishing bait is carefully hand painted so that it really comes to life in the water. With a lifelike appearance of prey crawling across the bottom, the YUM Money Craw makes bass fishing even more exciting. YUM is known for tempting fishing lures that you can rely on, and the Money Craw is like money in the bank!
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2" 3/42 3/4"2008 us
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Best price for Yum, Lurenet, PRADCO Fishing Money Craw: $3.49 / 7 offer(s)
Yum Money Craw - Bama Magic
$3.49 $3.49 (~3.2€) date: 2/26
Yum Money Craw - Crawdad
$3.49 $3.49 (~3.2€) date: 2/26
Yum Money Craw - Green Pumpkin
$3.49 $3.49 (~3.2€) date: 2/26
Yum Money Craw - Ultimate Craw
$3.49 $3.49 (~3.2€) date: 2/23
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Last price date: 2/25
Leurre Souple Yum Money Craw...Par 7
7.95€ 6.70 -16% date: 2/25
Yum Lures YMC3154 Money Craw...,5 cm
14.90€ 14.90 date: 2/26

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