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Fox Rage Micro Replicant

Fox Rage, Fox Micro Replicant
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Manufacturer's infos:
The Rage Replicant is one of the all-time classic soft baits that no self-respecting pike angler could be without. In recent times the Replicant range has grown with additions such as the Replicant Wobble and Replicant Jointed and now we are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Replicant family - the Micro Replicant! These sexy new miniature soft baits have proved incredibly successful during an extensive testing period and we are convinced they will be a big success.

• Irresistible flanking action
• Slow sinking
• Tough rubber construction
• Perfect for spinning and jigging
• Top quality Hayabusa Japanese hooks
• Available in 7 quality colours Firetiger, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Glitterbug, Natural Perch, Silver Baitfish and Blue Shiner
• 7.5cm long and weigh 11g
• Available as a pack of 2
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3"3/8ozsinkingpar 22015 eu
This item is contained into a serie:
Fox Rage, Fox Replicant Serie (lure)
Best prices for Fox Rage, Fox Micro Replicant:
Leurre Souple Arme Fox Rage ...7.5Cm
6.49€ 6.49 date: 10/6
FoxInternational Fox Rage Wo...
8.05€ 8.05 date: 10/6
Fox Rage Replicant Wobble Lo... 10 g
11.81€ 8.62 -27% date: 10/6
Fox Rage Replicant Lot de 2 ...tiger
8.62€ 8.62 date: 10/6

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