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Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer

Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer
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Manufacturer's infos:
Lightning Pointer 98XR:
Lucky Craft has continuously been producing high quality world-class jerkbaits such as the Pointer, Live Pointer, Slender Pointer, Flash Pointer and much more. And to celebrate our US development 25th anniversary, we have created another powerful jerkbait to be added to our collection - the Lightning Pointer. As it is said in its name, it has an extremely fast beginning action and incredible casting distance like lightning! From these 2 major features, imagine the amount of bites you will get. This is definitely Lucky Craft’s best masterpiece of the 21st century!

Lightning Pointer 110SP:
Joining Lucky Craft’s legendary line-up of jerkbaits, the Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer 110SP Jerkbait utilizes the proven performance of the original Lightning Pointer but now able to perfectly suspend when paused for those times when the fish are heavily pressured or lethargic. Internally equipped with special brass weights, Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer 110SP Jerkbait delivers bullet-like casts and features a low center of gravity, which allows the bait to suspend in a neutral position during a stop and go retrieve to tempt wary and less aggressive fish into striking. Its tapered tail design also creates a side-to-side wobbling action at the beginning of each retrieve that accurately mimics the movements of a real baitfish trying to erratically swim away from predators.
Incredibly productive in warm and cold water, the Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer 110SP Jerkbait’s perfect suspending action makes it an ideal candidate for both fast retrieves with short pauses and slow retrieves with long pauses depending on the mood of the fish. Finished with premium treble hooks and covered in a highly detailed paint job, the Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer 110SP Jerkbait continues Lucky Craft’s legacy as the best fish-catching jerkbaits ever developed.
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namelengthweighthooksdensitydepthyear country
98XR3 3/4"1/2oz2 triples VMC #4suspending2m envjp, us
110SP4 1/4"1/2oz3 triples VMC #6suspendingjp, us
Deep-Divingjp, us
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Lucky Craft Lightning Pointe...
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Lucky Craft Lightning Pointe...
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Lucky Craft Lightning Pointe...
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Lucky Craft Lightning Pointe...
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