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Rapala Glidin' Rap

Rapala, Rapala VMC Corp Glidin' Rap
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Manufacturer's infos:
A slow and predictably paced action, the Glidin’ Rap® is fished with a "Slide & Glide" motion. The choice when fish are spooky. Simply twitch, the wide profile lure glides and hangs, twitch it again and it gently comes back. Reel in steady for a gentle searching action. When paused, it slowly sinks in a flutter action. Built rugged from African Abachi wood with stainless steel through wire construction and rigged with 2/0 VMC® black nickel hooks. Baitfish profile with natural and high-contrast color choices, each lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested for perfect out of the box swimming action.
Super Tough Abachi Wood Construction
Gliding Action
Slow-Sinking, Flutter Drop
VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
Stainless Steel Through Wire Construction
Lipless Design for Maximum Glide
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namelengthweighthooksdensityyear country
GLR12 (discontinued)4 3/4"1 3/4oz2 triples VMC #2/0sinkingus
GLR15 (discontinued)6"2.5oz2 triples VMC #3/0sinkingus
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