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Baitsanity Explorer

Baitsanity Explorer
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Manufacturer's infos:
To catch the fish of a lifetime you have to fish with the lure of a lifetime. The Baitsanity Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait is just that. It boasts substantial size, high quality detail, and a realistic action that will have big bass drooling to get a bite. Featuring an incredibly true-to-life profile along with a single joint construction, which allows the Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait to swim side-to-side with a seductive “S” action that trophy-sized bass can’t resist, the gliding action of the Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait also provides extreme versatility. It can be fished 365 days a year, and at any retrieve speed to match the conditions. The Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait is crafted with an ABS resin body for increased durability and features soft PVC plastic tail and side fins that enhance its lifelike action. It also features sticky sharp treble hooks and extra strong split rings that don’t need to be replaced and are ready to tangle with giant bass right out of the package. Available with a highly detailed airbrushed paint job, the Baitsanity Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait would be a fine addition to any swimbait enthusiast’s tackle box.
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