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VMC Bucktail Jig

VMC, Rapala VMC Corp Bucktail Jig
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Manufacturer's infos:
The oval-shaped head design of our BKJ Bucktail Jig provides added control and balance for a variety of techniques, while the bucktail hair of the lure maintains its shape offering a larger profile presentation.
- Premium Hi Carbon Steel chemically sharpened Needle Point hook and bucktail with tinsel fibers enhance visual attraction.
- 3D Holographic eyes.
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nameweighthooksyear country
BKJ1161/16oz#6par 2us, fr
BKJ181/8oz#1/0par 2us, fr
BKJ141/4oz#2/0par 2us, fr
BKJ383/8oz#2/0par 2us, fr
Best price for VMC, Rapala VMC Corp Bucktail Jig: $4.89 / 15 offer(s)
VMC Bucktail Jig - 1/4oz - UV
$4.89 $4.89 (~4.5€) date: 11/28
VMC BKJ116-PFU Bucktail Jig UV
16.51€ 13.09 date: 11/26
VMC BKJ132-FT Bucktail Jig 1...tiger
16.20€ 13.19 date: 11/26
VMC Bucktail Jig 1/8 Noir
17.70€ 13.48 date: 11/26
VMC BKJ14-PA Bucktail Jig 1/...lbino
15.30€ 14.02 -8% date: 11/26
VMC Bucktail Jig 1/4 Noir, T...nique
18.83€ 14.19 date: 11/26
VMC BKJ132-PFU Bucktail Jig UV
16.19€ 14.60 -10% date: 11/26
VMC BKJ132-BLK Jig Bucktail ... Noir
16.19€ 14.61 -10% date: 11/26
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VMC BKJ132-CHW Bucktail Jig ...Blanc
16.19€ 14.61 -10% date: 11/26
VMC BKJ132-PA Bucktail Jig 1...lbino
16.30€ 16.19 -1% date: 11/24
VMC BKJ116-OFU Bucktail Jig UV
15.98€ 16.54 +4% date: 11/19
VMC BKJ116-SD Bucktail Jig 1/16 Shad
16.81€ 16.69 -1% date: 11/24
VMC Jig Bucktail Unisexe Bla...nique
10.31€ 17.30 +68% date: 11/26
VMC Orange Fire UV Bucktail ...nique
17.70€ 17.49 -1% date: 11/26
VMC BKJ38-PA Bucktail Jig 3/...lbino
18.73€ 18.67 date: 11/24

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