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Mepps Bantam Syclops

Mepps, Sheldons' Bantam Syclops
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Manufacturer's infos:
Mepps Bantam Syclops were designed to be trolled, cast, drifted or jigged. They can be dressed with a single Mister Twister Exude Corn Niblet, Curly Tail Grub, Exude Roe or live bait. In fact, the Bantam's action increases when the hook is tipped, unlike many other light spoons.

The Bantam Syclops is also an ideal trolling spoon when run behind dodgers, a flasher or simply by itself using either downriggers, planer boards, Dipsy or Jet divers. They are also perfect for long lining with or without a little weight.

Drift fishermen love the way Bantams flash in current, and ultralite casters love the Bantams enticing side-to-side wobble on the retrieve.

Perfect for trolling and light casting. The Mepps Bantam Syclops is especially effective when dressed with live bait, Mister Twister Exude Roe or a single Mister Twister Exude Corn Niblet. Two sizes... #00 (1/16 oz.) or #0 (1/8 oz.) when just a little more weight is needed. Balanced wobble and flash make the Bantam Syclops the perfect choice for trout, kokanee or walleye.
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nameweighthooksyear country
#001/16oz1 simpleus
#01/8oz1 simpleus
Best price for Mepps, Sheldons' Bantam Syclops: 15.05€ / 2 offer(s)
Mepp s SY00LP SHOL Syclops Bantam
15.72€ 15.05 -4% date: 9/22
Mepp s SY00LP HP Bantam Syclops
15.96€ 15.29 -4% date: 9/22

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