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BaitBall Spinner Rig (LiveTarget, Koppers)

LiveTarget, Koppers BaitBall Spinner Rig
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Manufacturer's infos:
With three different wire-frame sizes and two weights in each frame, the LIVETARGET BaitBall Spinner Rig is a versatile lure which can be fished at any depth zone. The three Teaser bodies and willow blade create a vibration and flash which call in nearby game fish. When the predator sees the BaitBall, they will strike the Target body which is strategically placed away from the Teaser fish in the BaitBall. Anglers are able to utilize the Interchange System to quickly change or customize colors on the lure. Offered in 8 colors to match various water color conditions. Interchange packs sold Separately. Freshwater and Saltwater.
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nameweighthooksdensityyear country
Small 1/41/4ozsinking2018 us
Small 3/83/8ozsinking2018 us, 2020 fr
Medium 3/83/8oz1 simple #4/0sinking2018 us, 2020 fr
Medium 1/21/2oz1 simple #4/0sinking2018 us, 2020 fr
Large 1/21/2ozsinking2018 us, 2020 fr
Large 3/43/4ozsinking2018 us, 2020 fr
Best price for LiveTarget, Koppers BaitBall Spinner Rig: $10.99 / 8 offer(s)
LIVETARGET BaitBall Spinner .../Gold
$10.99 $10.99 (~10.2€) date: 12/2
LIVETARGET BaitBall Spinner .../Gold
$11.99 $11.99 (~11.1€) date: 12/2
24.91€ 18.95 -24% date: 12/9
LIVE TARGET Livetarget Mnsr1...
20.50€ 19.02 -7% date: 12/9
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Last price date: 12/9
LiveTarget MNSR14LG857 Baitb...
20.21€ 20.21 date: 12/9
LiveTarget Baitball Spinner ...
27.54€ 26.61 -3% date: 12/9
LIVE TARGET Livetarget Baitb...
32.95€ 32.95 date: 12/9

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