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Shimano Vanquish FA

Saltwater protected.
front drag.
Récompensé à l'EFFTEX 2016.
Shimano, Shimano Inc Vanquish FA
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Manufacturer's infos:
The highly anticipated Vanquish sets a new standard in the lightweight front drag spinning segment. With its extremely lightweight design which is build on the most high grade composites from Shimano, like the Shimano patented CI4+ material and magnesium alloy, the new Vanquish is even lighter than its famous predecessor. Not only the reel itself is lighter but when one picks up the reel to give the handle a swing one will really notice the major improvement of this new Vanquish. Because of a totally new design of the Magnumlite Rotor and related internal parts the reels run smoother than ever before. Build on the design capabilities of Shimano resulting in the Hagane body and the Hagane gear the angler can be confident to enjoy the outstanding performance of this reel for many years to come. Shimano offers the new Vanquish in many different models to satisfy the need of every avid angler out there. The Vanquish is developed with only one thing in mind; "Only the best is good enough!".
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nameratio / crankweightbearingscapacitybrakeyear country
VANQC2000SFA5.1:1 26"/pc5.5oz12+10.16/105m3kg2016 eu
VANQC2000HGSFA6.1:1 31"/pc5.5oz12+10.16/105m3kg2016 eu
VANQC2500HGSFA6.0:1 31"/pc6.2oz11+10.20/95m2.5kg2016 eu, fr
VANQ2500SFA5.3:1 30"/pc6.3oz11+10.20/95m4kg2016 eu
VANQC3000SDHFA5.3:1 30"/pc6.7oz13+10.35/100m9kg2016 eu, fr
VANQC3000FA5.3:1 30"/pc6.5oz11+10.35/100m9kg2016 eu
VANQC3000HGFA6.0:1 34"/pc6.5oz11+10.35/100m9kg2016 eu
VANQ4000HGFA5.8:1 36"/pc8.3oz12+10.35/130m11kg2016 eu
VANQ4000XGFA6.2:1 38"/pc8.3oz12+10.35/130m11kg2016 eu, fr
This item is contained into a serie:
Shimano, Shimano Inc Vanquish (spinning reel)
Best prices for Shimano, Shimano Inc Vanquish FA:
Shimano Vanquish FA, Mouline...avant
419.90€ 419.90 date: 9/27
Shimano Vanquish 4000 XG FA,...avant
428.60€ 428.60 date: 9/27
Shimano Vanquish C3000FA, Mo...avant
451.70€ 451.70 date: 9/27
Shimano Vanquish C2500 SFA H...avant
451.70€ 451.70 date: 9/27
Shimano Vanquish C3000 SFA D...
451.70€ 451.70 date: 9/27
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