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GraphiteLeader Vigore

Vigore (discontinued) - GraphiteLeader, Olympic
Modèles casting: Fuji guides SiC (Titanium en pointe hormis sur modèles lourds, Micro sur modèles baitfinesse).
Modèles spinning: Fuji guides SiC Titanium.
handle cork.
. GVI code modèle
. C=casting, S=spinning
. taille en pieds/pouces
. puissance
. S pour Solid Tip (scion plein), PE pour modèle spécifique braid, G pour blank en fibre de verre.
GraphiteLeader, Olympic Vigore
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Manufacturer's infos:
Strong VIGORE. New dimension bass rod with preeminent lifting power it has meaning of "Physical strength". Blanks material that achieved high stiffness and high torque. Powerful, versatile rod "Graphiteleader VIGORE" that puts development time for about four years. It is a complete domestic production goods that promise the high quality of course.
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namelengthweightactionsectionspowerlineyear country
GVIC-562ML (discontinued)5' 6"3.4ozslow21/8-1/2oz6-14lbcastingjp
GVIC-62M (discontinued)6' 2"4.1ozregular11/4-3/4oz8-16lbcasting2007 jp
GVIC-63ML (discontinued)6' 4"4.1ozreg-fast11/8-1/2oz6-14lbcastingjp
GVIC-66M (discontinued)6' 6"4.3ozregular11/4-3/4oz8-16lbcasting2005 jp
GVIC-67MH (discontinued)6' 7"4.4ozreg-fast11/4-1oz10-20lbcasting2007 jp
GVIC-68H (discontinued)6' 8"4.7ozregular13/8-1oz12-25lbcasting2007 jp
GVIC-70XH (discontinued)7' 12"5.2ozregular1+11/2-3oz12-30lbcasting2007 jp
GVIC-74XX (discontinued)7' 4"5.4ozslow1+11/2-5oz14-40lbcasting2007 jp
GVIC-76X (discontinued)7' 6"6.7ozregular1+11/2-2oz14-30lbcastingjp
GVIS-61UL-S (discontinued)6' 1"2.8ozfast11/32-3/16oz2-5lb-PE4-10lbspinning solid tipjp
GVIS-61UL (discontinued)6' 1"2.9ozfast11/32-3/16oz2-6lbspinning2007 jp
GVIS-61L (discontinued)6' 1"2.9ozfast11/32-1/4oz3-8lbspinning2007 jp
GVIS-62ML (discontinued)6' 2"3.1ozfast11/16-3/8oz4-12lbspinningjp
GVIS-64UL (discontinued)6' 4"3ozfast11/32-3/16oz2-6lbspinning2007 jp
GVIS-64L (discontinued)6' 4"3ozfast11/32-1/4oz3-8lbspinningjp
GVIS-66M (discontinued)6' 6"3.6ozregular11/8-1/2oz5-14lbspinningjp
GVIS-67ML-PE (discontinued)6' 7"3.2ozfast11/16-3/8oz4-12lb-PE6-15lbspinning PEjp
GVIS-67MH (discontinued)6' 7"3.8ozreg-fast11/4-3/4oz5-16lbspinningjp
GVIS-611M (discontinued)7' 11"3.6ozreg-fast1+11/8-1/2oz5-14lbspinning2005 jp
GVIS-722L (discontinued)7' 2"3.2ozfast21/32-1/4oz3-8lbspinning2007 jp
GVIS-742ML-PE (discontinued)7' 4"3.4ozreg-fast21/16-3/8oz4-12lb-PE6-15lbspinning PE2007 jp
GVIC-63MLG (discontinued)6' 3"4.1ozfast11/8-1/2oz6-14lbcasting glassjp
GVIC-64MG (discontinued)6' 4"4.4ozregular11/4-1oz8-20lbcasting glassjp
GVIC-610MG (discontinued)6' 10"4.6ozregular1+11/4-3/4oz8-16lbcasting glass<2006 jp
GVIC-70HG (discontinued)7' 12"5.5ozregular1+13/8-2oz10-30lbcasting glass<2006 jp
GVIC-65L-BF (discontinued)6' 5"3.9ozreg-fast11/16-1/4oz6-12lbcasting baitfiness2012 jp
GVIC-69ML-BF (discontinued)6' 9"3.9ozex-fast11/16-3/8oz6-14lbcasting baitfiness2012 jp
GVIC-711MH (discontinued)8' 11"5.6ozreg-fast1+11/4-1 1/2ozcasting2012 jp
GVIS-742MH Limited Edition (discontinued)7' 4"fast23/16-1 3/8oz5-18lbspinning (Limited Edition Zander Rod)ua
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