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Abu Garcia Veritas

Veritas (discontinued) - Abu Garcia, Pure Fishing
Blank graphite 30T Nano.
Anneaux SiC Titanium.
handle EVA.
Abu Garcia, Pure Fishing Veritas
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Manufacturer's infos:
Veritas™ rods provide extreme lightweight design and focus on the balance and compression strength anglers must have. The first time you hold the Veritas in your hand, you will be shocked how light it feels. Its balanced, lightweight design incorporates NanoTechnology™ into the rod construction for added strength.
Nano Technology provides 2.5 times the impact resistance of standard graphite rods through the manipulation of graphite on an atomic level. This prevents microscopic nicks and dings that cause other rods to snap. Now you can count on your rod to stay intact when that all important fish is on the line.
The 30 Ton rating indicates a superior grade of graphite. The result is a lighter rod with increased sensitivity. The higher the tonnage, the stiffer the fibers used in the construction of the rod. Stiffer fibers more efficiently transmit vibrations to your hand so you can feel more strikes.
- 30 Ton graphite construction with NanoTechnology for Decreased Weight and Increased Compression Strength
- One piece double anodized aluminum screw down creates a secure connection with the reel
- High density EVA handles are more durable and comfortable
- Abu designed extreme exposure reel seats provide direct finger to rod contact for increased sensitivity
- Titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts create a lightweight, balanced rod design
- Texas-rigged hook keeper for all bait applications
- 1 piece rod
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namelengthweightactionsectionsguidespowerlineyear country
VRS66-5 / VRS662-5 (discontinued)6' 6"5ozex-fast1 / 281/8-1/2oz6-12lbspinning M2010 us, 2013 fr
VRS66-6 / VRS662-6 (discontinued)6' 6"4.2ozfast1 / 281/4-3/4oz8-14lbspinning MH2010 us, 2013 fr
VRS69-4 (discontinued)6' 9"3.7ozreg-fast181/8-1/2oz6-10lbspinning ML2010 us, 2013 fr
VRS70-5 / VRS702-5 (discontinued)7' 12"4.4ozfast1 / 283/16-5/8oz6-12lbspinning M2010 us, 2013 fr
VRS70-6 (discontinued)7' 12"4.5ozfast181/4-3/4oz8-14lbspinning MH2010 us, 2013 fr
VRC66-5 / VRC662-5 (discontinued)6' 6"3.9ozfast1 / 2101/4-5/8oz8-17lbcasting M2010 us, 2013 fr
VRC66-6 (discontinued)6' 6"fast1101/4-1oz12-20lbcasting MH2010 us
VRC69-6 / VRC692-6 (discontinued)6' 9"4.4ozex-fast1 / 2101/4-1oz12-20lbcasting MH2010 us, 2013 fr
VRC70-5 (discontinued)7' 12"reg-fast1101/4-5/8oz8-17lbcasting M2010 us
VRC70-6 (discontinued)7' 12"fast1101/4-1oz12-20lbcasting MH2010 us
VRC70-7 (discontinued)7' 12"4.8ozex-fast1103/8-1 1/2oz12-25lbcasting H2010 us, 2013 fr
VRC73-6 (discontinued)7' 3"fast1101/4-1oz12-20lbcasting MH2010 us
VRC76-6 (discontinued)7' 6"fast1103/8-1 1/4oz12-25lbcasting MH2010 us
VRC711-7 (discontinued)8' 11"reg-fast1103/8-1 1/2oz12-25lbcasting Hus
VRCM66-5 (discontinued)6' 6"3.9ozfast1101/4-5/8oz8-17lbcasting M microus
VRCM66-6 (discontinued)6' 6"4ozreg-fast1101/4-1oz12-20lbcasting MH microus
VRCM69-6 (discontinued)6' 9"fast1101/4-1oz12-20lbcasting MH microus
VRCM70-5 (discontinued)7' 12"fast1101/4-5/8oz8-17lbcasting M microus
VRCM70-6 (discontinued)7' 12"fast1111/4-1oz12-20lbcasting MH microus
VRC79-7 (discontinued)7' 9"fast1105/8-3oz12-25lbcasting H Schooling Rigus
VRCW70-5 (discontinued)7' 12"regular1118-17lbcasting M Winch Modelsus
VRCW76-6 (discontinued)7' 6"regular11110-20lbcasting MH Winch Modelsus
This item is contained into a serie:
Abu Garcia, Pure Fishing Veritas Serie (spinning rod, casting rod)
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