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Stage (K's Labo, Lakeforce, Valley Hill)

Stage (discontinued) - K's Labo, Lakeforce, Valley Hill
Monobrin sinon 2 à la fin de la reference pour modèle 2 brins.
K's Labo, Lakeforce, Valley Hill Stage
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namelengthpowerlineyear country
STB600ML / STB600ML2 (discontinued)6' 1/4-3/8oz8-14lbTopwater, Texas rigjp
STB600MH / STB600MH2 (discontinued)6' 3/8-1/2oz8-14lbCrank bait, Texas rigjp
STB600H (discontinued)6' 3/8-1oz10-20lbRubber jigjp
STB604ML / STB604ML2 (discontinued)6' 4"1/4-3/8oz8-14lbSpinner bait, Texas rig, Heavy down shotjp
STB604MH / STB604MH2 (discontinued)6' 4"3/8-1/2oz8-14lbVibration, Crank bait, Texas rigjp
STB606H (discontinued)6' 6"3/8-1oz10-20lbHeavy Rubber jig, Jig, Heavy Texas rigjp
STB608XX (discontinued)6' 8"3/4-1 3/8oz16-25lbRubber jig, Heavy Texas rigjp
STB610MHG (discontinued)6' 10"3/8-3/4oz10-20lbCrank bait, Vibrationjp
STB700MH (discontinued)7' 12"3/8-1/2oz10-16lbSpinner bait, Heavy Carolinajp
STB705XH (discontinued)7' 5"1/2-2.8oz12-22lbBig bait, Deep Crankjp
STB803XH (discontinued)8' 3"3/4-2.1oz12-25lbSpinner bait, Rubber jig, Heavy Texas rigjp
STS600L / STS600L2 (discontinued)6' 1/16-3/16oz3-6lbJig head, Down shot, Wacky rigjp
STS600FL (discontinued)6' 1/16-3/16oz3-6lbNo sinker, Wacky rigjp
STS600ML / STS600ML2 (discontinued)6' 1/8-1/4oz4-8lbLight Texas rig, Topwaterjp
STS604L / STS604L2 (discontinued)6' 4"1/16-3/16oz3-6lbJig head, Down shot, Wacky rigjp
STS604ML /STS604ML2 (discontinued)6' 4"1/16-3/16oz3-6lbSmall shad, Minnow, Light Rubber jigjp
STS604M (discontinued)6' 4"3/16-3/8oz5-12lbTexas rig, Shadjp
STS607ML (discontinued)6' 7"1/8-3/8oz4-10lbSpritshot, Jig headjp
STS700ML (discontinued)7' 12"1/8-3/8oz4-10lbLight carolina, No sinkerjp
STS800L (discontinued)8' 1/16-1/4oz3-6lbLong leader sprit shot. Long down shotjp
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