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Okuma Psycho Perch casting

Gamme eau douce.
Anneaux inox SiC.
handle EVA.
Okuma Psycho Perch casting
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Manufacturer's infos:
Okuma Psycho Perch Rod features ultra-light high modulus carbon blank construction, and ultimate flex reinforced (UFR®) rod tip technology that increases rods lifting power and maximum strength. The rod covers all European styles of perch fishing.

Ultra-light high modulus carbon blank construction
UFR®: Ultimate Flex Reinforced rod tip technology
New exclusive psychedelic blank artwork
CCS Seaguide, 316 stainless steel frame SIC guide
View blank screw down reel seat
3 split EVA handle with rubber cork inserts
Covering all European styles of perch fishing
High quality cloth bag
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namelengthweightsectionsguidespoweryear country
PSY-C-732ML7' 7"3.7oz2111/8-3/4ozMLtw, 2020 eu
PSY-C-732M7' 7"4.1oz2111/4-1 1/8ozMtw, 2020 eu
This item is contained into a serie:
Okuma Psycho Perch (spinning rod, casting rod)
Best price for Okuma Psycho Perch casting: 74.99€ / 2 offer(s)
Okuma Psycho Perch Ufr Baitc...-32 g
75.99€ 74.99 -1% date: 3/27
Canne Casting Okuma Psycho-Perch
97.90€ 97.90 date: 3/27

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