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Fox Rage Dropshot Fox Rage

Dropshot (discontinued) - Fox Rage, Fox
Blank IM7.
Fuji guides.
Fox Rage, Fox Dropshot
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Manufacturer's infos:
Ultra-sensitive, light and yet still powerful are the characteristics of this Drop Shot rod series that is available in three different rod lengths. The series is characterised by the delicate tip action of the premium quality IM7 carbon fibre blank and combined with an incredibly fast backbone they are the perfect Drop Shot rods. The spliced tip detects even the shyest of bites and the tip guide is enlarged to prevent an accumulation of debris or ice. The abbreviated handle is not overly long and is varied to suit the length of the rod as well as the casting weight. The rod is perfectly balanced without the need for a counterweight and sits well in the hand with the slim and ergonomically designed reel seat creating a perfect feeling for the rod blank. This results in better bait control, faster bite indication, shorter reaction time and, therefore, more fish!

• Extremely resilient IM7 carbon rod blank
• Fuji guides for optimum abrasion resistance and heat dissipation
• Original Fox screw reel seats
• Premium full cork handle
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namelengthweightactionsectionspoweryear country
NRD024 (discontinued)7' 5"4.2ozfast21/8-3/4oz9 anneauxuk, fr
NRD025 (discontinued)8' 4"4.4ozfast23/16-1oz10 anneauxuk, fr
NRD026 (discontinued)10' 10"4.8ozfast23/16-1 1/4oz11 anneauxuk, fr
Best price for Fox Rage, Fox Dropshot: 12.49€ / 6 offer(s)
Fox Rage Non Toxique Laiton ..., 10g
12.49€ 12.49 date: 5/20
Fox Rage Non toxique Laiton ...-, 5g
12.49€ 12.49 date: 5/20
Fox Rage Poids Dropshot Poin...12 g)
13.99€ 13.99 date: 5/20
Fox Rage Fish Snax Drop Shot... / #6
19.00€ 15.51 -18% date: 5/19
Fox Rage Warrior Dropshot 4-17gr
41.24€ 54.99 +33% date: 5/20
Canne Spinning Fox Rage Warr...pshot
54.90€ 59.95 +9% date: 5/20

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